Activities for 2023: this page is updated at the end of each month

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Jan-Mar 2023 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
Jan Sun 01 Tower Hill   Lothar
Jan Sun 08 Mouth to mouth at Narrawong 14 km Lothar
Jan Tue 10 Botanic Gardens picnic   Lothar
Jan Sat 14 Beeripmo circuit cancelled hot weather 20 km, 700 m↑ Coralie
Jan Sun 15 Milanesia Beach 14 km, 450 m↑ Coralie
Jan Sat 21 GSWW: The Springs 15 km Lothar
Jan Sat 28 Mt Sturgeon loop -- clockwise 7 km 320 m↑ Rob
Feb Sun 05 Russell Creek Albert Park Botanic Gardens 8 km Mary
Feb Sat 11 Levy's Point to Thunder Point: birds of the Warrnambool shoreline and waterways 10 km Ken
Feb Tue 14 Meeting: A Greenland Adventure with Ken and Shirley    
Feb Sat 18 Lake Elingamite to Lake Purrumbete bike ride 50 km; medium Coralie
Feb Sat 18 Mts Leura and Sugarloaf 5 km, 130 m↑ Lothar
Feb Sat 25 GSWW: Cubbys Camp to the sea 14 km Rob
Mar Sat 04 Clean Up Australia Day 5 km, 2 hr Coralie
Mar Sun 05 GPT: Griffin Fireline to Cassidy Gap cancelled 10 km, 260 m↑ Coralie
Mar Sat 11 Deakin Uni to Warrnambool 8 km Rob
Mar Tue 14 Meeting: NZ trail riding with Linda & Irene    
Mar Sat 18 The beach and cliff top from Mathiesons Road 8 km Rob
Mar Sat 25 Glenfyne to Timboon 12 km Dina

Apr-Jun 2023 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
Apr Sun 02 Wetlands around Dunkeld 10 km Lothar
Apr Wed 05 Indigenous Flora Nursery   Rosalie
Apr Thu 06 BBQ and short night walk at Tower Hill   Lothar
Apr Mon 10 The Gables Carpark to Princetown 13 km Gwenda
Apr Tue 11 Dinner meeting at Singh Indian Curry House   Lothar
Apr Sun 16 4 Peaks Challenge: Leura, Sugarloaf, Elephant, Noorat 11.1 km Christine
Apr Fri 21 Moonlight Head to Ryans Den 10 km Janice
Apr Sat 29 Lake Gillear to Magic Rock 8 km Lothar
May Sat 06 Timboon towards Port Campbell bike  40 km Jim
May Tue 09 Meeting: walking in Bhutan   Rob
May Sat 13 Abrupt to Mud dadjug to Piccaninny 12 km Janice
May Sat 20 Grampians track maintenance   Rob
May Sat 27 Lake Elizabeth 15 km Rob

Jul-Sep 2023 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader

Oct-Dec 2023 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader