Leader information

Links to forms and policies

  1. The Activity Sheet (either this pdf or this Word doc) used at all stages on a trip as detailed below
  2. The Emergency Contact System used for all Club activities more than 50 km from Warrnambool
  3. Vehicle Sharing Costs and Trip Grading System
  4. Gear Lists for day walks, extended walks and first aid kits: The Bushwalking Victoria equipment list has disappeared
  5. Personal Emergency Information (to be carried by all participants)
  6. Hot Weather/Trigger Point Policy: use if in doubt about whether the activity should proceed
  7. Privacy Policy: what a leader can and cannot ask participants
  8. Guidelines for Minimal Impact Walking & Camping: BWV tread-softly
  9. Incident form: only used when accidents/incidents occur on an activity
  10. Code of conduct

Leader's Checklist

The list below is mainly concerned with our redtape. See bushwalkingmanual.org.au/leadership/ for more comprehensive information.

Planning the trip

  • Enter the trip details (when, where, distance, etc) on the activity sheet
  • Contact the Committee to add the trip to the Activities program
  • Determine what special equipment might be required —this gear list might help
  • Send a concise preview with the grading details to the newsletter editor

Taking bookings

  • Record participant details on activity sheet
  • Tell them what they need to bring (including the Personal Emergency Information Form) from the details you jotted down on the activity sheet
  • For trips more than 50 km from W'bool, tell them the Emergency Contact 's name

Nearer the day

  • Check weather forecasts—modify trip as necessary especially if extreme weather
  • Contact participants if details about the trip need to be updated

At the meeting place

  • Fill in any remaining contact details on the activity sheet
  • Ensure non-club members have signed their acceptance of booking conditions
  • If "medical condition" is ticked confirm person has PEI—see privacy policy
  • For trips more than 50 km from W'bool, send copy or photograph of the booking sheet to emergency contact
  • Set one car's odometer to zero for calculating car sharing costs
  • Confirm that each driver knows how to get to the meeting spots

On the trip

  • Point out any places that require particular care
  • Ensure adequate water and food stops
  • Mention the need for Minimal Impact Walking and Camping as necessary

After the trip

  • Tell Emergency Contact the trip is back
  • Fill in trip details on bottom of Activity Sheet and send/deliver the sheet to Secretary
  • Fill in incident report form if there is a serious incident
  • Write or organise a report for the newsletter