Booking is required for all walks.  To book please contact the leader no later than the Wednesday beforehand for walks on a weekend and much earlier than that for extended walks. Express your interest early to allow dates to be changed if necessary. 

Non-members can find out more about an activity by contacting the Secretary. Before going on an activity, you must agree to certain conditions. When carpooling, we usually meet at the Kepler St carpark near KFC.

Monthly Meetings are usually at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of the month in the Archie Graham Centre but there will be no meeting in May because most of the committee will be away walking.



 Activities program

When Activity Grading Leader
Mar 29–Apr 1 GPT overnight: Mt Zero to Halls Gap: A pleasant way to spend Easter 12.1+11.2+14.1+12.9 Ali
Apr 6–7 GPT overnight: Jimmy Creek to Cassidy Gap: Part 4 of 5. 17.3+16.8 Ali
Apr Tue 09 Dinner meeting: Liebig Café and restaurant, booking required   Lothar
Apr 13–14 GPT overnight: Cassidy Gap to Dunkeld: Part 5 of 5! 8.1+14.8 Ali
Apr Sat 13 Killarney Beach sunrise loop walk   Lothar
Apr Sun 14 Piccaninny to Dunkeld: Join the overnight walkers on their final leg of the GPT   Christine
Apr Sun 21 4 Peaks Challenge: Leura, Sugarloaf, Noorat, Elephant   Lothar
Apr Tue 23 Newsletter deadline   Rob
Apr Sun 28 Warrnambool Street Art Walk   Rosalie
May Sat 04 Explore Penshurst: Volcanic Centre, Botanic Gardens, Mt Rouse, bakery   Gwenda
May 8–16 Bondi to Manly   Lothar
May Tue 14 Meeting    
May Sat 18 GSWW: Swan Lake to Mt Richmond 14 km Rob
May 20-23 A visit to Sale Gippsland to see the Annemieke Mein Exhibition and some walking too   Lothar
May Sun 26 Grampians Track Clearing   Rob
Jun 1 or 2 Timboon Rail Trail centered on the Curdies Bridge: Walk north to look to overgrown bridges for photos and south to Timboon for a coffee/lunch 14 km, easy grade  
Jun 8, 9 or 10 A social activity   Lothar
Jun Tue 11 Meeting    
Jun 15 or 16 GSWW: Lake Monibeong : via the inland route to Noble Rocks and back by the beach (or vice versa) 15 km  Christine
Jun Sat 22 Progressive dinner: winter solstice theme   Coralie
Jun Sat 29 Cliff top walk east from Radfords Rd 8 km Rob
Jul 6 or 7 West from the Abalone Farm towards the Crags   Janice
Jul Tue 09 Dinner meeting   Lothar
Jul Sat 27 Christmas in July at Tower Hill: BBQ and a walk   Lothar
Aug Tue 13 Meeting    
Sep Tue 10 Meeting    
Oct Tue 08 Meeting    
Oct 11–13 Fedwalks: held at Wilsons Prom    Christine
Oct 12–13 Saints and Sinners: a bike ride based on St Arnaud    Mike
Oct 29–Nov 1 Three Capes Walk   Christine
Nov Tue 12 AGM    
Nov 30 or 1 Durd Durd: in drier weather than 2023, one hopes 19 km, 935 m↑ Janice
Dec Tue 10 Meeting    
September A week of riding and walking in the Flinders Ranges   Coralie
November Some addon walks in Tasmania   Rob