Hi, we're pleased you've visited our site.

The members of the Warrnambool Bushwalkers are, surprise, surprise, interested in bushwalking. Mostly we do half-day and day walks within a 100 km radius of Warrnambool. But we also drive further afield, camp by the car, and do several day walks. Less often we go on an overnight walk, carrying all the necessary gear on our backs. We also do some cycling. The activities program, the past activities, and these pictures show you the range of our activities.

Our pdfFAQ sheet has answers to the more frequent questions people ask us about whether bushwalking and our club are for them. Some history about the club and how it is run can be found here and how to join here. Our Secretary can answer any other questions you might have. While that's all nice to know, the best way to see what we do is to come on some of our walks—we'd love to meet you.

The club has a number of social events over the year. Normally we would meet at 7:30 on the second Tuesday of the month at the Archie Graham Centre, 118 Timor St, Warrnambool. But things aren't normal, so there will be no more face-to-face Tuesday meetings for the time being. However, on July 14, we will try a short Zoom meeting talking about the Activities program and some of the walks Coralie has been on recently. No biscuits, I'm afraid, other than what you have yourself. Contact us if you want details.

The Club has (mid-May) restarted its activities but will of course be maintaining adequate spacing between participants, by for example having no organised car pooling to get to the start of an activity.