Activities from 2023 back to 2000

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Committee meeting

Bike ride based at Dunkeld; Rob

BBQ; Lothar

Mafeking to Durd Durd; 19 km, 935 m↑ ; Janice

Thunder Point, Merri Cutting, Levy's Point; Rosalie

A week on SA's Fleurieu Peninsula; Coralie

Killarney Sunset Walk; Lothar


Pattersons Camp to the Glenelg Gorge; 14 km; Rob

Port Campbell and Peterborough; 4 + 4 km; Rob

A walk by the Wannon; 11 km; Rob

Bondi to Manly; 10-20 km; Lothar

Lake Colac and the Botanic Gardens; 10 km; Coralie

Federation Walks;; Rob

Saints and Sinners; 94 km; 44 km; Mike

Committee meeting at 6:30

The Twelve Apostles Trail; 40 km; Mabel

Timboon to Schultz's dairy; 6 km each way; Lothar

Wyperfeld base camp; Lothar

Yarram Gap to Wannon Campsite; 12 km; Rob

A venture to vanquish 3 volcanoes; Rosalie

Meeting: dinner at the Cattleya Thai; Lothar

Lake Bellfield to The Sundial; Mabel

Grampians track maintenance; Rob

Around Warrnambool; 9 km; Rosalie

Lake Linlithgow-Penshurst-Tabor cycle trip; 50-60 km, mostly flat.; Coralie

 Back of Lorne; Lothar

Committee meeting; Lothar

Killarney to Port Fairy; Christine

Tower Hill wattle walk; Lothar

Christmas in July; Lothar

Griffin Picnic Area to Cassidy’s Gap; 14 km; Coralie

Committee meeting

Mt Clay State Forest; Graeme

Moleside to Pritchards; Rob

Around Koroit; Mary

Hamilton to Coleraine rail trail ride; Rob

Wannon Falls and Coleraine; Lothar

Committee meeting

Yambuk beach walk; Rob

Halls Gap; Rob

Weekend at Halls Gap; Lothar

Beach at the end of Mathesons Rd and Childers Cove ; Graeme

Lake Elizabeth; 15 km; Rob

Abrupt to Mud dadjug to Piccaninny; 12 km; Janice

Meeting; Rob

Timboon towards Port Campbell bike; 40 km; Jim

Lake Gillear to Magic Rock; 8 km; Lothar

Moonlight Head to Ryans Den; 10 km; Janice

4 Peaks Challenge: Leura, Sugarloaf, Elephant, Noorat; 11.1 km; Christine

Dinner meeting at Singh Indian Curry House 6 pm; Lothar

The Gables Carpark to Princetown; 13 km; Gwenda

BBQ and short night walk at Tower Hill; Lothar

Indigenous Flora Nursery; Rosalie

Wetlands around Dunkeld; 10 km; Lothar

Glenfyne to Timboon; 12 km; Dina

The beach and cliff top from Mathiesons Road; 8 km; Rob

Meeting: NZ trail riding with Linda & Irene

Deakin Uni to Warrnambool; 8 km; Rob

GPT: Griffin Fireline to Cassidy Gap; 10 km, 260 m↑ ; Coralie

Clean Up Australia Day; 5 km, 2 hr; Coralie

GSWW: Cubbys Camp to the sea; 14 km; Rob

Lake Elingamite to Lake Purrumbete bike ride; 50 km; medium; Coralie

Mts Leura and Sugarloaf; 5 km, 130 m↑ ; Lothar

Meeting: A Greenland Adventure with Ken and Shirley

Levy's Point to Thunder Point; 10 km; Ken

Russell Creek Albert Park Botanic Gardens; 8 km; Mary

Mt Sturgeon loop -- clockwise; 7 km 320 m↑; Rob

GSWW: The Springs; 15 km; Lothar

Milanesia Beach; 14 km, 450 m↑; Coralie

Beeripmo circuit cancelled hot weather; 20 km, 700 m↑; Coralie

Botanic Gardens picnic; Lothar

Mouth to mouth at Narrawong; 14 km; Lothar

Tower Hill; Lothar

Gauls Cave; Rosalie

No meeting

Rail trail working bee; Rob

End of year break up: Wartook (Northern Grampians); Lothar

GPT: Mt Zero to Halls Gap pack carry; 4 day, 50 km; Rob

The south coast of Port Fairy; Janice

Signal Peak; 8 km, 420m↑; Rob

Aire River Base Camp/Great Ocean Walk postponed; Gwenda

Beyond Byaduk Caves; Rosalie

AGM and eclipse watching; Lothar

Twelve Apostles Trail bike ride; Coralie

Wetlands near Dunkeld; Lothar

Dinner and lightshow; Lothar

Tower Hill club promotion afternoon; Christine

Mt. Richmond N.P to Bridgewater Lakes ; 17 km; Christine


Saints and Sinners; bike ride; Mike

Childers Cove; Lothar

Loch Ard and Port Campbell; Coralie

Federation Weekend: Wangaratta

Wyperfeld weekend; Lothar

Twelve Apostles Trail bike ride; Coralie

Meeting: Greenland

Canoeing on the Glenelg; Diane

GSWW: Pattersons Camp to Glenelg River Gorge; 14 km; Rob

Native orchids near Dunkeld; Lothar

Borough Huts to The Dials; 14 km, 500 m↑; Rob

Deakin Uni to Warrnambool; Rosalie

Grampians Track Maintenance; Rob

No meeting

Princetown to Twelve Apostles; 7.5 km; Dina

Princetown to Devils Kitchen overnight pack carry; Janice

Indigenous Sites of Significance, a walk with Rob Lowe; Christine

Christmas in July Wattle Walk; Lothar

Byaduk Caves, Mt Napier, Mt Rouse; 9 km, 250 m↑; Rosalie

No meeting

Mt William carpark to Borough Huts; 16 km, 450 m↑; Rob

Otways: Sheoak Falls to Qdos; 15 km, 320 m↑; Lothar

Timboon rail trail as a walk; Rosalie

Bridgewater Lakes to Bridgewater kiosk; 18 km, 400 m↑; Lothar

Meeting: Did the mahogany ship exist; Christine

Gillear Rifle Range to Magic Rock and return; 8 km flat; Lothar

Budj Bim; 12 km, 200 m↑; Rosalie

GPT: Jimmy Creek to Yarram Gap; 11 km, 560 m↑; Rob

Grampians Track Maintenance; Rob


Deakin to Warrnambool; 10 km, 140 m↑; Rob

Around Childers Cove; 6 km, 50 m↑; Lothar

Killarney sunrise walk and breakfast; Lothar

Langi Ghiran with Grampians Bushwalkers; off track; Rob

BBQ and short night walk at Tower Hill; Lothar

Meeting: Christine's GSWW; Christine

Camperdown: 4 peaks challenge; 12 km, 420 m↑; Coralie

North from Cassidy Gap; 14 km, 350 m↑; Rob

Gaul's Cave; 12 km, 60 m↑; Rosalie

Swamps R us II; 15 km, 0 m↑; Lothar

Glenfyne to Timboon and beyond: bike ride; Coralie


Clean up Australia Day; Coralie

Just one day of back of Lorne; 7.5 km, 260 m↑; Lothar

Back of Lorne; Lothar

Warrnambool to Port Fairy; Lothar

Port Fairy history walk; Rosalie

Milanesia Beach; 11 km, 346 m↑; Rob

Meeting: first aid talk; Christine

Sunset walk at Killarney; Lothar

Mt Sturgeon; Rob

South Warrnambool; Gwenda

GPT: Yarram Gap to Wannon Camp; Rob

BBQ; Lothar

Mathiesons Road loop ; Lothar

Tower Hill opening walk for the year; Lothar

The dunes behind Lady Bay;  6 km; Rosalie

Botanic Gardens, Albert Park, Russell Creek;  8 km; Mary

GSWW: Bridgewater Bay Caf‚ to Murrells Beach; 15 km; Rob

Christmas break up at Cape Bridgewater; Lothar

Rail trail working bee; Rob

2 or 4 peaks challenge; Rob

Tower Hill: around the rim; Rob

GOW: Shelly Beach - Blanket Bay - Cape Otway; Base camp; Gwenda

Lake Linlithgow bike ride; 33+20 km; Coralie


GSWW: Nelson to Monibeong or suitable tide w/e; 20 km; Rob

GSWW: Battersby to Patterson; 16 km; Rob

Overnight at Nelson; Rob

GOW: 12 Apostles to Princetown; 6 km; Dina

Thunder Point to Levy's Point and return; Rosalie

Caf‚ Crawl; Lothar

Swamps R Us; Lothar

Meeting: Indigenous Sites of Significance; Coralie

A bike ride around Warrnambool; 25 km; Gwenda

Sunset beach walk at Killarney; Lothar

GPT: Wartook Lookout to Halls Gap abandoned; 12 km; Janice

Wyperfeld base camp and day walks; Lothar

Signal Peak; Rosalie

Meeting: Nature Glenelg Trust; Rosalie

GSWW: Cubbys to Cutout camps; 15 km; Rob

Bike ride around Warrnambool; 25 km; Gwenda

Langi Ghiran with Grampians Club; M-7-8; Rob

Port Fairy historic walk; Rosalie

Lake Elingamite to Lake Purrembete; cycle; Mabel

Mt Abrupt working bee at the Chimney Pots; Rob

Zoom Meeting: It's all about the gear!

Port Fairy historic walk; Rosalie

Wattle walk in Tower Hill; Lothar

Christmas in July a progressive dinner; Lothar

Lake Linlithgow; cycle; Rob

No meeting

Sheep Hills to Mt William cancelled; M-5-2; Coralie

Walking the Hamilton-Coleraine rail trail; Rob

Historic walk around Koroit; Mary

Skipton rail trail: Linton to Haddon return; cycle; Coralie

Botanic Gardens, Albert Park, Russell Creek; 8 km; Rob

Dinner meeting; Lothar

Back of Lorne Locked down; Lothar

Signal Peak Locked down; Rosalie

Naroghid Cobden Timboon; cycle; Jim

Signal Peak; 7.8km; Rob

Meeting: preparing for an emergency; Rosalie

Historic walk around Warrnambool; Rosalie

GSWW: Portland to Yellow Rock; 15 km; Rob

Overnight walk Beeripmo Track; Coralie

Four peak challenge: Leura, Sugarloaf, Elephant, Noorat; Coralie

Killarney Beach sunrise walk; Lothar

Dinner; Lothar

GSWW: Yellow Rock to Portland: postponed; 15 km; Rob

Warrnambool to Port Fairy beach walk; Rob

Street art rescheduled; Rosalie

Mepunga Coastal Reserve; Lothar

Lake Elizabeth; Rob


Cannon Hill to Hopkins River; Gwenda

Clean up Australia Day; Coralie

Killarney Beach to Port Fairy return; Lothar

Yellow Rock to Cape Nelson to Murrells Beach; 14 km; Rob

Black berrying at Melanesia Beach; Coralie

Street art cancelled; Rosalie

No meeting this month

Glenfyne to Curdies Bridge and back; Dina

South Warrnambool Walk; Gwenda

Nelson to Lake Monibeong; Rob

Glenelg River Gorge; Rob

Sherwood Park to Warrnambool; Rob

BBQ BYO; Lothar

Levys Car Park to/from The Cutting; Rosalie

Tower Hill; Lothar

Mount Abrupt; Rob

Mt Leura and Sugarloaf-train to Camperdown; Lothar

Zoom meeting: one's 5 favourite photos of the year; Rob

Mt Richmond to Tarragal Caves; 16 km; Rob

Bridgewater end of year do; Lothar

Stockyard Track - DurdDurd - Kalymna; 14 km; Rob

Rail Trail Working Bee; Rob

North (Curdie R) and south (Power Ck) of Timboon; 10  km; Coralie

Griffith Island and surrounds; Dina


Wannon and Nigretta Falls; Rosalie

Overnight Princetown to/from Devils Kitchen; Janice

Pinnacle or Boronia Peak or around Halls Gap; Lothar

Sturgeon and The Piccaninny; Dina

Rail Trail Working Bee; Rob

Thunder Point to Levy's Point and return; Rob

Meeting: Apps for showing your walk or ride... see below for some

DIY Fake Saints and False Sinners bike ride; 33km; Rob

Yarram Gap to Christobel burial site; 16 km; Rob

A stroll behind Lady Bay; 5.5 km; Rosalie

Wyperfeld base camp; Lothar

Circumnavigate Tower Hill's crater; 9 km; Rob


Sunrise at Killarney; Lothar

Rail Trail Working Bee; Rob

Art and parks, southeast Warrnambool; 6 km; Rosalie


Loch Ard Gorge short walks; easy; Coralie

Christmas in July, Tower Hill; Lothar

Warrnambool walk: street art, parks and gardens; Rosalie

Meeting by Zoom; Coralie

Mt Clay Forest; easy ; Graeme

Camperdown to Timboon and back bike ride; Jim

Clifftop walk: Antares Monument (Radfords Rd); 8 km; Rob

Mts Napier and Rouse; Rosalie

Rail Trail Working Bee; Rob

Two bike loops, based at Lake Linlithgow; Rob

A Childers Cove circuit; Lothar

Glenfyne to Curdies River and return; Dina

Budj Bim; Rosalie

Byaduk Caves, Mt Napier, Mt Rouse; S-4-4; Rosalie

Warrnambool to Port Fairy beach walk; L-1-1; Lothar

Meeting: Rosalie will talk about Corryong

Bomjinna to Kalymna Falls; M-9-7; Rob

Skipton Rail trail; Jim

Rail Trail Working Bee; Rob

Lake Pertobe to the Hopkins' mouth and back; 8 km; Gwenda

Clifton Beach and Gibson Steps; Rob

Meeting: actvity planning

Lakes Elingamite to Purrumbete: with Camperdown Bushwalkers; Bike ; Rob

Ryans Den blackberrying; Coralie

Mt Abrupt and Sturgeon; Rob

Gauls/Dans Cave; Rosalie

BBQ and activity planning; Lothar

Mouth to Mouth, Narrawong; 14 km; Lothar

Walk from Pertobe Kiosk; 8 km; Gwenda

Mt Leura & Mt Sugarloaf; Lothar

No meeting

Cape Bridgewater; Lothar

End of Spring Rail Trail working bee; Rob

GSWW: Cut-Out to Cobboboonee Camps; M-2-1; Rob

Annual General Meeting

12 Apostles to Princetown; S-2-2; Dina

Pinnacles circuit; Lothar

Federation Weekend: Lorne

Levy's Point to Thunder Point; Rosalie

Saints and Sinners bike ride; Mike


Meet up: Tower Hill; Coralie

Wyperfeld base camp; Lothar

Expo; Coralie

Mts Leura and Sugarloaf; Dina

No meeting, a meal somewhere

Mt Rosea from Borough Huts; Coralie

Budj Bim; Rosalie

End of Winter Rail Trail working bee; Rob

Chimney Pots working bee; Rob

Yarram Gap to Christabel brick pile; M-5-5; Rob

Meeting: David Handscombe, about the Grampians

Port Fairy; 8 km; Dina

Christmas in July Tower Hill with Grampians BWC; Lothar

Signal Peak, off track Camperdown Bushwalking Club; Rob


Lake Linlithgow; 14 km; Rob

Halls Gap loops; 9+6km; Coralie

Mt Abrupt; 6.5km; Dina

Glenfyne to Timboon; 12km; Coralie

Meeting: President of Bushwalking Victoria

Major Mitchell Plateau overnight; Janice

Chimney Pots track clearing: postponed; Rob

End of Autumn Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Byaduk Caves and beyond; Rob

No General Meeting: just a committee meeting

Boroka Lookout: cancelled foul weather; Coralie

Timboon Railtrail walking; Coralie

4 Peaks Sugarloaf, Leura, Noorat, Elephant; Coralie

Cycle the Timboon Rail Trail; Jim F

Dinner instead of a meeting; Lothar

Lady Bay - whale platform - Proudfoots; Rosalie

Back of Lorne with Bayside; Lothar

Werribee Gorge Circuit; Centenary Walk; David

12 Apostles; Helen A

Meeting: risk management

Tower Hill Rim walk; 9 km; Rob

Clean Up Australia Day; Coralie

Mallee Camp to Yellow Rock or Portland; Dina

Battersby base camp: 2 day walks along Glenelg R; David

End of Summer Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

South Warrnambool, meet Kiosk on Pertobe Rd at 9:30; Gwenda

Meeting: planning the activities program

To the east of Childers Cove; M-3-5; Rob

Tower Hill; Marg F

Mt Sturgeon and the Piccaninny; Rob

Mouth2Mouth: Fitzroy to Surrey Rivers; Lothar

No meeting but a BBQ instead; Linda H

Port Fairy to Warrnambool by beach; 22 km; Lothar

Bridgewater: base camp breakup; Lothar

End of Spring Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Port Fairy and Griffiths Island; Dina


West Barwon Dam to Lake Elizabeth; M-4-2; Rob

Framlingham Forest; 12 km; David

12 Apostles to Princetown; 8 km; Dina

GSWW: Cobboboonee to Fitzroy camps; 13 km; Rob

Saints and Sinners St Arnaud bike ride; Coralie


Nigretta and Wannon Falls; Dina

Wartook to MacKenzie Falls; 15 km; Rob

Timboon Rail Trail cycle; Jim F

Tower Hill Rim Walk; 9 km; Rob

Meeting: To the bridge of Avignon

Melville Caves, Kooyoora State Park; Coralie

The Fortress; Rob

End of Winter Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Morning urban walk Russell Ck, Merri R; 8 km; Dina

Track clearing; Rob

No meeting: a 6 pm dinner at The Whalers

3 Peaks Challenge: Abrupt, Picaninny, Sturgeon; Lothar

Cranbourne Gardens; Lothar

Christmas in July: Tower Hill; Lothar

Timboon rail trail; 12 km; Dina

Meeting: Atlantic travels, Ken & Shirley

Around Childers Cove: cancelled; Lothar

Cavendish pub for tea + 2 day walks; Ian

Major Mitchell Plateau overnight; Janice


Mts Noorat, Leura, Elephant; Rob

Back of Lorne weekend; Lothar

Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Major Mitchell Plateau overnight; Marg F

Major Mitchell Plateau overnight; Mabel

Track Clearing: Chimney Pots; Rob

No meeting, a meal at Whalers; Lothar

Thunder Point to Levy's Point; Rob

Beech Forest to Gellibrand rail trail; 19 km; Lothar

Fitzroy to Moleside (GSWW day walk); 20 km; David

GPT: Halls Gap-Bugiga-Borough Hut-Halls Gap; 37 km; Janice

Port Fairy; Dina

Meeting: Walking in northern Chile-Rob

Beeripmo walk; M-6-3; Janice

Princetown to Devils Kitchen; Linda H

Cape Otway to Castle Cove (GOW); 20 km; Rob

Meeting: Ann's walks in England

Bridgewater Bay; Lothar

Clean up Australia Day; Coralie

Glenfyne to Timboon and return; Gwenda

Postponed: Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs; Coralie

Christobel ruin; 8 km; Rob

Meeting: planning the activities program

South W'bool; David

Johanna to Ryans Den; 12 km; Rob

The Gables - Ryans Den - Johanna & return; 4 day; Mabel

Lake Bellfield to the Sundial; Mabel

Mouth2Mouth: Fitzroy to Surrey Rivers; 14 km; Lothar

No meeting but a BBQ instead; Linda H

No meeting

End of year do at Apollo Bay washed out; Lothar

End of Spring Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Tower Hill; David

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail; 61 km; Rob

Base camp Halls Gap; Linda H


12 Apostles to Princetown; Linda H

Ryans Den overnight walk; M-5-3; Coralie

Mt Eccles and Napier; S-5-5; Dina

Saints and Sinners St Arnaud bike ride; Coralie

Meeting: Warrumbungles and Carnarvon Gorge

Circumnavigate Tower Hill crater; S-4-4; Rob

Approx dates for Nepal; Lothar

Wyperfeld in the Spring: day walks; Lothar

Mt Leura, Mt Elephant; Dina

Track clearing at Mt Abrupt; Rob

Overnight: Princetown to Devils Kitchen and return; M-5-5; Janice

The Cutting and Kellys Swamp; M-3-3; Rob

Beeripmo; X-7-4; Coralie

Whites Beach - Cape Bridgewater - kiosk; M-4-4; Dina

Childers Cove; Lothar

Meeting: Kevin Sparrow will talk about Kurri Kurri

Lake Gillear to Childers Cove; M-5-6; Rob

Rail Trail: Badhams Lane to Port Fairy; Dina

Christmas in July: Tower Hill; Lothar

Mt Richmond; Rob

Meeting-an eating meeting

East of Killarney; Rob

Back of Lorne; Lothar

Committee meeting, coffee somewhere afterwards

South Warrnambool; David

West Barwon Dam to Lake Elizabeth; M-4-2; Rob

Track clearing at the Chimney Pots; Rob

GSWW: Pritchards to Moleside; M-2-2; Rob

Fyans Creek to Mt William; M-5-2; Coralie

Russell Creek; S-1-1; Dina

Meeting: a different view of the 3 Capes walk

Grape escape: 2 day walks around Halls Gap; S-3-3; Lothar

Yarram Gap to Christobel ruin; M-5-5; Rob

Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Old Beechy Rail Trail; cycle; Jim F

No meeting, a pizza night instead

Mt Noorat, Mt Leura; S-4-3; Dina

Borough Hut to Mt Rosea; M-7-1; Coralie

Three Capes Walk; Linda H

Gourmet walk: Princetown to 12 Apostles; S-1-1; Helen A

Skipton Rail Trail overnighting at Pitong; cycle; Jim F

SA: Mount Schank, Hells Hole, etc; M-3-4; David

Glenelg River Walk; overnight at Nelson; M-2-1; David

Meeting: France's GR65; Gwenda

Langi Ghiran; M-4-4; Rob

Clean up Australia Day: Thunder Point start; Helen A

Timboon Rail trail; cycle; Jim F

Rail Trail working bee; Linda H

Granny's Grave Circuit; David

Glenfyne to Timboon; 11 km; Dina

Meeting: planning the activities program

Southern Warrnambool Delights; 10 km; David

Mt Abrupt; Coralie

Blacks Fall (back of Cudgee); 12 km; David

Mouth2Mouth: Fitzroy to Surrey Rivers; 14 km; Lothar

A party instead of a meeting; Lothar

Cliff top walk from the Antares memorial; 8 km; Rob

Port Fairy to Warrnambool; 22 km; Lothar

Bellarine Peninsula and the Blues Train; Linda H

Bridgewater base camp breakup; Lothar

30th birthday BBQ at Koroit Railway Station

Moleside to Nelson: canoe or walk; David

Princetown to Devils Kitchen; M; Linda H

Warrnambool to Camperdown bike ride; Rob


Killarney to Port Fairy; Dina

Mt William overnight; Coralie

Four Otway waterfalls; M-4-4; Rob

Three peaks challenge and festival; Lothar


Russell Creek; Dina

Federation Weekend

Mt Abrupt track clearing working bee; Linda H

Port Fairy morning walk;  S-2-2; Dina

Lake Bellfield, Sundial Peak, Bugiga Campsite; 15km; Mabel

Meeting: Three Capes Track with Kate and Janice

Thunder Point to Levy's Point; 2 hr; Rob

Deep Creek; 8 km; Rob

Wartook to McKenzie Falls; 15km; Mabel

Tower Hill: wattle walk; S-2-3; Rob

The Chimney Pots; M; Coralie

Meal at Logans; Lothar

To the east of Childers Cove; M-3-5; Rob

Morning walk at Port Fairy/ Griffiths Is rained out; S-2-2; Dina

Christmas in July progressive dinner; Lothar

Meeting: Geology with John Sherwood

GSWW: Moleside to Battersby rained out; 17km; Rob

Twelve Apostles to Princetown goumet walk; Helen A

Meeting: photos of New Zealand walks

Wyperfeld National Park base camp; S-3-4; Lothar

Byaduk, Napier and Rouse; S-4-4; Dina

Glenelg River Gorge; M-3-1; Helen A

Cape Nelson to Portland along GSWW; M-3-1; Rob

Meeting: talk by Bob Scarborough

Walk around the rim of Tower Hill; S-3-4; Rob

Grape Escape-Halls Gap; Lothar

Grampians Peaks Trail: 3 day walks with BBOC; Rob

Mt Eccles; Dina

Eating meeting at Cattleya; Dina

Portland base camp. Camperdown Bushwalkers

Beech Forest to Colac Rail Trail; Gwenda

A walk somewhere near the Chimney Pots; Linda H

Chimney Pots track clearing working bee; Linda H

Grampians: getting fit; Lothar

Bright bike riding; Helen R

Warrnambool to Port Fairy; Lothar

Meeting: Nepal talk

Clean up Australia Day; Coralie

Mt Sturgeon and Picinniny; Coralie

Glenfyn to Timboon railtrail walk; Dina

Grampians Jazz Festival; Lothar

Meeting: planning the year's activities

Listening to jazz in Botanic Gardens; Coralie

Kilarney to Port Fairy; beach; Rob

BBQ in lieu of a Club Night; Linda H

Fitzroy to Surry River: beach walk; 14 km; Lothar

End of year do at Bridgewater; Lothar

Sturgeon before lunch, Abrupt after; Marg F

Lilydale to Warburton bike ride; Helen R

Annual General Meeting

Merri River canoe trip; David

Rail Trail Working Bee; Linda H

Mt Richmond; 10 km; Rob

Federation Weekend: Daylesford

Port Fairy to Koroit rail trail walk; Coralie

Koroit to Warrnambool rail trail walk; Coralie


Pinnacles et al, with Grampians Bushwalkers; 23 km; Marg F

Grampians Working Bee; Rob

Port Fairy, Griffiths Island; Dina

Princeton to Gibsons Steps and return; Helen A

Ballarat-Skipton Rail Trail; Cycle; Gwenda

Tower Hill wattle walk; Lothar

Meeting: activity planning

Mt Surgeon and Picanniny; Dina

Southern Victoria Range off track, overnight; M-7-7; Diane

Bay of Islands to Peterborough; S-3-5; Rob

A meal instead of a meeting; Dina

Mt Clay, a joint walk led by the Camperdown Bushwalkers; 14 km

Timboon Railtrail walk: Timboon, out and back; Coralie

Halls Gap: Christmas in July, with Bayside; Linda H

GPT: Halls Hap-Rosea-Borough Huts; L-7-3; Janice

Wild Sheep Hills and Cathedral Rocks; S-7-8; Diane

Meeting: Tasmania revisited

Thunder Point to Levy's Point and return-cancelled; S-3-4; Rob

Glenfyne to Naroghid and return by bike; Coralie

Walk around the rim of Tower Hill; Rob

Mt Eccles and Byaduk Caves; Rob

Glenelg River Gorge; Rob


Mt Arapiles: 1 day riding, 1 day walking; Coralie

Grampians Working Bee: Mt Abrupt; Linda H

Meeting: 50 Shades of Grey; Rob

Progressive day; Linda H

Halls Gap, Grape Escape; Linda H

Proudfoots to Dan's Cave; David

Meeting for a meal at Cattleys Thai Restaurant

Bike: Timboon rail train, there and back; Jim F

Jimmy Creek to Durd Durd; Tuff; Mabel

Warrnambool to Port Fairy beach walk; Lothar

Lower Glenelg base camp at Battersby; Linda H

Overnight: Devils Kitchen, The Gables, Princetown; MM5; Janice

Meeting: first aid talk

Clean up Australia Day; Coralie

Killarney Camping Ground: bikes and bathers needed; Marg F

Kayaking around Lake Corangamite; Steve


Proudfoots to Pavillion and back; 13 km; Mabel

Walking the Timboon rail trail; Gwenda

Tower Hill: mainly in the centre but a bit on the rim; 8 km; Rob

Flaxman Hill: half beach, half track; 8 km; Rob

BBQ at Di P's in lieu of a Club Night; Di P

Fitzroy to Surry River: beach walk; 14 km; Lothar

Warrnambool to Koroit walk along the rail trail; Lothar

Committee meeting; Rob

End of year do: Gourmet GSWW from the Bridgewater Lakes to the Cape Nelson Lighthouse.; Lothar

Timboon rail trail-walk; Dina

Mt Arapiles:; Coralie

AGM: 7:00 pm; Walking along the Via Podiensis and in Slovenia; Janice

Walk around Tower Hill's crater; Rob

Federation Weekend: Rawson Village (near Walhalla)

Grampians: Durd Durd from Mafeking; Marg F

Club night: Inca trail pictures

Bike ride: Lilydale to Warburton and return; Helen R

Volcano walk: Noorat and Elephant; Rob

Grampians: Mt Rosea Loop; M-4-4; Coralie

Ballarat - Skipton rail trail: ride or walk, camp at Smythedale station; Marg F

Princetown to Twelve Apostles; Helen A

Club night: no committee meeting, a meal at Macey's at 6:00; Dina

Flinders Ranges: day walks on sections of the Heysen Trail and in Wilpena Pound, etc.; Lothar

Around Childers Cove; Lothar

Wannon and Nigretta Falls, plus Mt Napier: three short walks; Dina

Club night: Gwenda will reminisce about her Camino walk

Camperown to Timboon: return bike ride along the rail trail; Coralie

Tower Hill: Wattle and hills, 10 am start, BBQ end; Lothar

Club night: Activity Planning and Kate's report on a Bushwalking Leadership course she went on

Childers Cove: a stroll to the west and then one to the east; Rob

Port Fairy: southern beach and Griffith Island; Dina

Stoney Rises: bike ride; Diane

Basic navigation (Map and Compass); Jim F

Club night: Dinner at Maceys

Wyperfeld long weekend; Lothar

Warrnambool Allansford Wangoom circuit: bike ride; Diane

Mt Sturgeon: short day walk; S-6-6; Dina

Back of Lorne; M-5-5; Lothar

Club night: Personal emergency information cards

Grampians off track overnight: backpacking walk near Bundaleer.; Coralie

Mt Leura and Mt Elephant: Short day walks; S-5-5; Helen A

Beechworth and Bright: bike & hike in colourful Autumn.; Various; Coralie

Childers Cove: a morning walk; S-3-4; Rob

Lake Corangamite walk: Vaughan Island, the Stony Rises; M-5-5; Steve

Club night - Dealing with obstacles; Rob

Progressive day: 8.30 am to 4 pm; Linda H

Timboon Rail Trail: walk from Glenfyne to Timboon (and perhaps return) (20 km).; Gwenda

Warrnambool to Port Fairy: and return on the rail trail. Bike riders only apply!; Long; Jim F

Beeripmo day walk (17 km); meet Derrinallum PO 9:00 am; Janice

Warrnambool to Koroit Rail Trail Bike; Jim F

Club night. King Island Circumnavigation featuring a presentation by Janice and 'KI: the Movie' by Steve; PG; Janice

Warrnambool to Port Fairy beach walk.; X-1-5; Lothar

Clean up Australia; a club working bee in conjunction with Warrnambool City Council; Coralie

Great Ocean Walk. Princetown- Devils Kitchen and return; M-4-3; Janice

Waterfalls in the Otways; M-4-4; Rob

Club Night Planning the Activities Calendar for 2014

Halls Gap Jazz Festival. Walks in the area & jazz in the evening.; Social; Lothar

King Island, circumnavigation thereof; Medium; Steve

Mouth2Mouth at Narrawong. There is a fee for this surf life saving fundraiser.; Lothar

BBQ at Di P's in lieu of Club Night; Social; Di P

Maria Island, Tasmania; Janice


Grampians Wildflower bike ride. 55km.; Marg F

Skipton - Ballarat Rail Trail Bike Ride; Marg

Waterfalls in the Otways (Triple Falls, Little-Aire Falls); Rob C

Federation Day Walk 2013 in the Lerderderg Gorge area

Club Night

Mid-week Grampians escape. Short walks to view wildflowers, winery visits, olive farm visits staying in 'nice' accommodation; Easy; Coralie

Skipton Rail Trail- Scarsdale to Pittong; L- 2-2; Janice

Club Night

Dinner Night at Proudfoots; Di P

Killarney to Port Fairy; Easy; Lothar

Committee meeting followed by Club Night: Camino Presentation

Thunder Point to Logan's with Camperdown Bushwalking Club.; E; Camperdown

Christmas in July at Halls Gap with Bayside; Linda

GSWW: Bridgewater Lakes to Cape Nelson; M/L-6-6; Lothar

Gorge Walk along the Glenelg; M-3-3; Helen

Social night instead of a meeting; Dina/ Di P

Rail Trail working bee; Irene

Larapinta Trail reunion. Walk the whole trail or do daily stretches.; Coralie

Bike ride from W'Bool to Port Fairy along the rail trail; Jim

Gourmet Walk. Gibson Steps to Princetown then cheesing, chocolating and coffeeing etc; Helen

Mt Eccles. Leech protection advised.; Rob C

Club Night; Helen

Queens B/d off track Northern Grampians with John Van G's group; Coralie

Major Mitchell Plateau Grampians: Sheep Hills carpark to Jimmy Creek; M-8-8; Janice

Rail Trail working bee; Linda

Old Beechy Rail Trail: Beech Forest to Gellibrand. 18km, mainly downhill; L-4-4; Jim

Port Fairy & Griffiths island; Dina

Club Night. Orchid Night; Di P

Beeripmo Walk- Mount Cole State Forest, Beaufort/Ararat area; M-6-5; Janice

The Grape Escape; Halls Gap; Linda

Walking and riding between Warrnambool to Port Fairy with Bayside; Linda

Camino de Santiago; The Way of St James; Camino Franc‚s; The French Way; Lothar

Great Ocean Walk: Moonlight Head to Princetown; M-5-4; Janice

Great Ocean Walk section: Cape Otway to Castle Cove. 17km.; L-6-6; Lothar

No Club Night. A social activity to be advised.; Dina/ Di P

Camperdown-Timboon Rail Trail: Naroghid to Timboon.; X-5-5; Lothar

Post Easter overnight walk in the Mt Bogong area; L-8-7; Coralie

Gibson's Steps to Princetown and return; M-3-3; Helen

Major Mitchell Plateau as a day walk.; X-8-8; Lothar

Mt Stapylton. Fri travel up to camp ground. Sat Mt Stapylton circuit. Sun Mt Zero Olive farm.; Med; Linda

Short, sharp Committee Meeting only

An overnighter in the Grampians possibly Barney's Castle and the Seven Dials area; M-7-8; Coralie

A 'keep-your-fitness -up' walk to Mt Abrupt.; M -7 -7; Coralie

Grampians: Halls Gap Jazz Festival w/e. Boronia Pk and the Pinnacle; M-6-7; Lothar

Narrawong: Mouth to Mouth walk; M-5-5; Lothar

Port Fairy to Warrnambool (along the beach); X-5-5; Lothar

BBQ at Di P's place. BYO everything; Di P

Club Break up at Lake Monibeong; Lothar

Nth Grampians: Asses Ears track maintenance + Mt Stapylton Circuit. Go up Fri night (30th); stay at Mt Stapylton CG.; Linda

Day walk: Gibson's Steps to Princetown and return. BBQ beside the river.; Linda

AGM at 7:30pm followed by a presentation on the Kokoda Track

Old Beechy Rail Trail: Sat - Beech Forest To Gellibrand (18km), Sun - Gellibrand to Barongarook (16km).; Lothar

Grampians: Briggs Bluff to Plantation Camp Ground. O/N backpacking.; Coralie

Whole Rail Trail over two days. Camp at Linda's overnight; Linda

Club Night. Gear Night (Helen)

Mt Sturgeon & the Piccaninny Dunkeld; S-6-6; Helen

Mt Rosea from Sanderson Gap; Hard; Coralie

Ararat base camping w/e. Also check out 2-3 wineries.; Marg F

Base Camp at Halls Gap. Two x daywalks; Linda

Club Night. Afterwards: Walking in Europe (Mike/Liz/Mabel)

Camperdown to Glenfyne along the Rail Trail; Lothar

Club Night. Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates Exercise night with Coralie.

Alpine trip; Bill P

Cycling. Board walk to Granny's Grave. Coffee afterwards Cancelled; Jim

Bay of Islands to Peterborough; Lothar

Christmas in July in Apollo Bay with the Bayside BWC. Day walks Sat and Sunday. Turkey dinner Sat night; Di P/Lothar

Flaxmans Hill to the Bay of Islands; Lothar

Social activity (replaces Club Night): film night; Linda H

Grampians: Asses Ears working bee (track maintenance) Sat, Mt Stapleton Circuit on Sun. O/N in Wartook; Linda H

Childers Cove to Flaxmans Hill; Lothar

Around Childers Cove; Lothar

Club Night

Wyperfeld NP. Queen's Birthday w/e. Go up Friday pm or Sat morning. Camping, camp fires, shared tea, overnight backpacking or short walks, or just relax.; Lothar

Mt Rosea and D'Alton Peaks on the Serra range with John Van Gemert. Off track; Coralie

Lake Gillear (Rifle Range) to Childers Cove; Lothar

Mt Clay, near Narrawong. Around 10 km, heath and bushland, medium difficulty. A circuit walk.; Graeme W

Timboon Rail Trail - Glenfyne to Timboon; Dina

Great Ocean Walk. This can be an overnighter or 2 day walks depending on interest; Mabel M

Club Night

Grape Escape at Halls Gap. Short walks during the mornings; wine tasting in the afternoons.; Helen A

Camp at Trewalla on Friday 27th (if you wish). Early morning car shuffle. Day Walk: Trewalla (near Bridgewater) to Cape Nelson Lighthouse. Walk start time: 9.00am. Possibility of Lighthouse for lunch.; M-6-6; Linda H

Mt Ararat. Leave Wbool at about 8am.; S-6-6; Marg F

"An alternative Great Ocean Walk" to Melanesia Beach, near Moonlight Head. ; M-7-7; Graeme W

Return bike ride from Koroit to Port Fairy along rail trail. BYO bikes.; Jim F

No meeting but a social activity instead: 6 pm dinner at the Western (ie the Last Coach); Linda H

Beeripmo walk. Mt Cole State Park. Overnight - an easy start to pack carrying and camping; M - 4 - 4; Mabel M

(Friday) Ararat area - Green Hill Lake; Marg F

Gourmet walk. Twelve Apostles to Princetown then sample the 'gourmet' delights of the area - chocs, cheese & wine; Easy; Helen A

(Friday) Great Dividing Trail through McDonald Park; Marg F

Tasmania - High Country. Some off track walking; Hard; Fiona M & Bob D

Club Night. Photo presentation from the Haute Route - Switzerland

Barney's Castle Circuit. An off-track walk. Carry water for weekend. Some rock scrambling and some walking on formed tracks. Beautiful campsite up high.; M - 6 -7; Coralie

(Friday) Ararat area - One Tree Hill; Marg F

Video Night; Linda H

Levys CP to Proudfoots BH along beach & promenade; S-4-4; Dina

Club Night. Walks planning

Grampians. Day walks; Jazz Festival activities in Halls Gap. Counter Tea Sat night.; Lothar

Port Fairy walk, dinner, film (The Hunter).; S-3-3; Linda H

Mt Abrupt (Dunkeld). Now open! meet in carpark next to KFC for 8am departure.; S-6-6; Mabel M

BBQ; X-3-4; Lothar

Narrawong/Surry R to Fitzroy R. $10 incl. return bus fare.; M-4-4; Lothar

Midweek walk: Port Fairy to Warrnambool along the beach. 2pm start in Port Fairy.; Lothar

EOY break up: GSWW Monibeong w/e. Camping, walks, roasts, canoeing,  relaxing by the lake.; Coralie/Lothar

Track Maintenance in The Grampians; Linda H

Daywalk from Trewalla to Cape Nelson Lighthouse; Linda H

Queenscliff w/e. Friday night - Blues Train. Sat: take ferry to Sorrento (and back), walk in NP; Sandra

AGM 7:30pm

Back of Lorne Waterfalls; M-6-6; Lothar

Federation Day walk (Mornington Peninsula).; Lothar

Discover Dunkeld; Linda H

Mt Cassells near Pomonal; Coralie

Club Night at Endeavours Restaurant (TAFE); Linda H

Byaduk Caves, Mt Napier, Mt Rouse.; Dina

Grampians O/N: Mt Rosea and D'Alton peaks; with John VG; Hard; Coralie

WA: Cape to Cape walk near Margaret River; Helen A

Mystery walk; Dunkeld; easy; Dina

Committee Meeting 7pm at TAFE; Club Night 7:30pm: Native Orchids (to be confirmed)

Mt Staplyton camp ground w/e; M-7-5; Linda H

Half marathon - walk from Koroit to Warrnambool; Marg F

Monday Curry Night at Fish Tales; Linda H

GSWW: Gorge walk along Glenelg River; Helen

Glenfyne to Timboon Rail Trail; Coralie

Committee Meeting 7pm at TAFE; Club Night 7:30pm: slideshow of Val and Leo's trips to Europe

Top of Mt Buninyong to Ballarat. 20km, mostly downhill.; Marg F

Mt Feathertop area; Bill P

Christmas in July at Port Campbell with the Bayside Bushwalking Club ; Linda H

Gourmet walk Twelve apostles to Princetown; Helen

Midweek walk: Mt Ararat.; Lothar/MargF

Committee Meeting 7pm; Club Night 7:30pm activities planning for second half of year

Wyperfeld NP. Queens Birthday w/e.; Lothar

Progressive LUNCH; Linda H

Rail Trail maintenance at Koroit; Linda H

Midweek walk: Rifle Range to Childers Cove; Lothar

Midweek walk: Childers Cove Circuit; Lothar

Committee Meeting 7pm at TAFE; NO Club Night afterwards!

Cape Bridgewater day walk; Dina

Grape Escape weekend-Halls Gap; Coralie

Walhalla/Baw Baw; Coralie/Janice

Midweek walk - GSWW: Monibeong circuit.; M-4-3; Lothar

(Mountain) Bike ride in the Otways: Forrest area; Bill P

Great ocean Walk: Wreck Beach to Princetown.; M-4-3; Linda H

Mt Eccles; Dina

Two day overnight walk: location to be advised; Janice

Ocean Drive to Lake Yambuk; Donovans to Robe (SA). With Bill Avery.; Lothar

Committee Meeting 7pm at TAFE; Club Night 7:30pm: Digital Photography (to be confirmed)

Clean Up Aust Day. Meet 8 am Wangoom Store; Helen

Killarney figure 8 loop (beach and behind the sand dunes); S-3-4; Lothar

Working Bee 1.00 Tower Hill; 3.30 pm walk afterwards. Meet at Ranger station; Liz

Boronia Peak; Mabel

Committee Meeting 7pm; Club Night 7:30pm

Loch Ard to Sherbrooke River; Coralie

Warrnambool to Port Fairy along the coast; X-3-4; Lothar

EOY BBQ at Lake Pertobe

Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail: spraying weeds. BYO BBQ lunch afterwards.; Linda H

Midweek walk: The Crags to Port Fairy; Lothar

Weekend: Queenscliff/ Sorrento; Sandra

Endeavours Restaurant evening; Linda H

Halls Gap campground to Pinnacle to Lake Bellfield. Overnight (Sat) at Borough Huts. Sunday: Mt Rosea; Mabel

Midweek walk: Dunkeld - Mt Abrupt; Lothar

AGM at 7:30pm followed by a committee meeting/club night

Cavendish Country Gardens; Coralie

Canoe trip - Renmark. Chowilla Ck area of the Murray River. Drive up Friday, return Monday.; Bill P

Walks with the Melbourne Ramblers. Sat: Port Fairy loop. Sun: Tower Hill. Mon: Cape Bridgewater area; Di P

Dunkeld: 1-3 Peaks Challenge + orchids!; Coralie

Langi Ghiran; Marg F

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night. Fleurieu Peninsula reports

Seniors walk: Princess Margaret Rose Caves plus other walks in the area. O/N in cabins; Mike H

Fleurieu Peninsula, SA. Parts of the Heysen Trail, etc.; Linda H

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night. Photo competition

Breakfast, followed by the Port Fairy to Koroit Rail Trail.; Linda H

Grampians: Major Mitchell Plateau as a day walk; Coralie

Midweek walk: Dunkeld - Mt Abrupt; Lothar

Progressive dinner; Linda H

Wartook weekend. Day walks in the Northern Grampians. Camp Oven roast Sat night. Cabin(s) or tent(s).; M-8-8; Lothar

Northern Grampians walks: Mt Stapylton circuit, Mt Difficult, Briggs Bluff, and the Fortress. Stay in cabin(s).; M-8-8; Lothar

Mt Sturgeon; Coralie

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night. Gear night

Curry Night at Fishtails; Linda H

Ridge west of Golton Gorge; Di D

Tasmania: Overland Track - Alpine. Snow gear required.; Bill P

Tree Planting along the rail trail. Followed by Christmas in July; Linda H

Sorrento/ Queenscliff; Sandra

Cappuccino walk - Alan Marshall Trail, Mt Noorat; Coralie

Mt Clay; Graeme W

Tree Planting - rail trail; Linda H

NT: Larapinta Trail; Lothar

South of Mt Difficult with John van Gemert. Difficult and off track.; Coralie

Midweek walk: Mt Abrupt; S-7-7; Lothar

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night. Bites & Blisters - Rosalie and Mabel

Chimney Pots day walk; Coralie

Daylesford; Dina

Social Activity: Tapas at Wyton Cellars; Linda H

Cappuccino walk: Port Fairy Loop; Linda C

Mt Difficult Range: Plantation to Halls Gap.; L-8-6; Janice

Dunkeld - Mt Sturgeon; S-7-7; Lothar

Pyrenees Walking Trail. ~10km/day, steep terrain.; Marg F

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night. Fleurieu Peninsula Preview - Linda H

West of Golton Gorge with John VG (Geelong); Coralie

Halls Gap - Grape Escape festivities; Coralie

Grampians Track Maintenance. O/N in Halls Gap Fri & Sat nights.; Linda H

Canoe/walk -Glenelg River. O/N at Moleside and Pritchards; Linda H

"West Barham Tall Trees" (near Apollo Bay) with the Geelong Bushwalking Club; John M

Social evening movie: Balibo. Port Fairy Theatre 7:30pm. Dinner beforehand at 6pm; Linda H

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night - day packs

Glasgow Falls, near Lavers Hill; Graeme W

Six Mile Creek Walk  

Cappuccino walk - Timboon Rail Trail -; Mabel

Mt Bogong; Coralie

8 day walks from the Rifle Range (Lake Gillear area) to Henty Beach (Portland area); Lothar

Social evening movie: Bran Nue Dae. Port Fairy Theatre 7:30pm; Linda H

Clean Up Australia Day - Wangoom; Helen A

Committee meeting at 7pm, Club Night at 7:30pm. Western Arthurs report - Mabel, PLB demo - Lothar

12 Apostles to Princetown + gourmet places; Helen A

Halls Gap - Grampians Jazz Festival. Walks Sat & Sun + lots of Jazz; M-7-7; Mabel

Committee meeting at 7pm followed at 7:30pm by the Club Night

Great Ocean Walk weekend: Aire River to Johanna Beach (Sat) and Johanna Beach to Ryans Den (Sun); M-7-7; Lothar

Great Ocean Walk; M/X-7-7; Lothar

Great Ocean Walk: Otway Lighthouse to Johanna, O/N at Aire River or 2 day walks.; Linda H

BBQ (replaces Club Night) Tower Hill Picnic Ground.

GSWW: Cape Nelson Lighthouse to Portland; L-4-3; Mabel

Club Night. Focus: Activities planning for 2010

GSWW: Trewalla to Cape Nelson Lighthouse; M-6-6; Mabel

GSWW: Blow Holes to Trewalla; M-4-3; Mabel

Dunkeld Mosaic of Arts Festival. Visit the Myer garden.; Coralie

Dandenong Ranges/Belgrave area and Melbourne.; Sandra D

Walk over Mt Langi Ghiran.; easy/med; Marg F

Club Night

Wurdale to Bambra; S-7-7; John M

Seniors Week: Dunkeld - Piccaninny & Arboretum.; Linda H

GSWW: Tarragal to the Blow Holes; M-4-3; Mabel

Pyrenees Walking Trail with the Grampians Bushwalking Club.; M-7-5; GBC

GSWW: Swan Lake Road to Tarragal; L-6-6; Mabel

Grampians Track Maintenance weekend; Linda H

Club Night. "Bathing Beauties on the Jatbula Trail" presentation.

Endeavours Restaurant @ TAFE. 6.30pm start. 3 course, silver service, etc.; Linda H

Halls Gap area. O/N in cabin at Halls Gap; Linda H

GSWW:  Pattersons to Nelson; L-4-3; Mabel

Tree planting on the Warrnambool-Port Fairy Rail Trail; Linda H

Grampians: Roses Gap to Golton Gorge. Cross country.; Coralie

Club Night. Cherree Densley will talk about the local habitat for the Orange Bellied Parrot.

Northern Grampians "Walking Boot camp". Base camping/cabin at Wartook. Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt; Briggs Bluff; Mt Stapylton; Mt Difficult; The Fortress.; Hard; Lothar

Around Port Fairy; easy; Linda C

Walks near Warrnambool plus Christmas in July dinner with Bayside Bushwalking Club.; med; Lothar

GSWW: Post & Rail Camp to Pattersons; L-4-3; Mabel

7pm Meeting followed by 7:30pm Club Night

Northern Territory: Jatbula Trail; med; Linda H

Buninyong; M-3-4; Coralie

Club Night

Half day walk up Mt Sturgeon; X/M-4-3; Mabel

Mt Eccles; Helen

O/N backpacking. Major Mitchell Plateau.; M-8-8; Janice

GSWW: Fish Holes Road to Mt Deception Road near Fitzroy Camp; L-4-3; Lothar

Club Night

12 Apostles area to Princetown and return.; Linda

Mt Rosea; hard; Coralie

Grape Escape weekend; Coralie

Peterborough to Radford Road to Childers Cove to capark near Lake Gillear.; M-5-5; Lothar

Lal Lal Falls and the old blast furnace, near Meredith.; S-4-4; John M

Beeripmo day walk; L-6-6; Janice

Dinner and 10-pin bowling in lieu of Club Night

GSWW: Nelson to Monibeong (via inland route); med; Mabel

Entire GSWW. Rest day: Good Friday. Do all or part of the walk....; med; Lothar

GSWW: Blackwood Road to Fish Holes Road - beyond Cut out Camp; L-4-3; Mabel

Around Lorne weekend with the Bayside Bushwalking Club.; med; Lothar

Timboon Rail Trail.; easy; Coralie

Club Night

Bogong High Plains with John Van Gemert; difficult; Coralie

GSWW: Portland to Blackwood Road - near Cubby Camp; L-4-3; Mabel

Clean up Australia. 9-11am. Meet at the Wangoom store.; easy; Helen

Tasmania: South West Cape. Fly in/out and explore the area around Melaleuca; med; Linda H

Tower Hill.; Lothar

Club Night. Walk planning. Afterwards: Nepal 2008 slide show.

Warrnambool to Port Fairy along the beach.; X-3-3; Lothar

Mt Sturgeon &/or Mt Abrupt followed by lunch; S-7-7; Linda

Mt Sturgeon or Mt Abrupt; S-7-7; Lothar

Mt Sturgeon &/or Mt Abrupt followed by lunch; S-7-7; Linda

GSWW: Bridgewater Lakes to Bridgewater Bay; M-4-3; Lothar

GOW: Apollo Bay to Aire River, some overnight walking some day tripping; Linda H

BBQ. Replaces Club Night. Venue Lake Pertobe; Mike/Liz

Christmas breakup Lake Elizabeth; Mike/Liz

Port Fairy to Warrnambool Rail Trail; Mike/Liz

GSWW: Monibeong to Mt Richmond; Helen

AGM with Coralie, Linda H and Sandra.

GOW: Johanna to Moonlight Head. 19.2km.; MedHard; Mabel

Mount Thackery from Hut Creek Track.; Medium; Diane D

Blackwood: the Whipstick walk. Approx10km in total. With the Geelong walkers.; S-4-2; John M

O/N GSWW; Linda H

Federation Walk. Beaufort area, Mount Cole, Mount Buangor and Langi Ghiran State Park.; Linda H

Club Night; Sandra

Walks in the Port Fairy area. Dovetail in with the Spring Music Festival.; Heather

Timboon Rail Trail: Glenfyne to Timboon - part of Seniors week; easy; Di P

Grampians: The Chimney Pots and the Victoria Range with John V G.; difficult; Coralie

NEPAL. Tengboche Monastery Trek and Annapurna Sanctuary trek.; M-8-7; Lothar

Skipton Rail Trail wildflowers walk; easy; Janice

Major Mitchell Plateau from Mt William to Jimmy's Creek.; hard; Coralie

Easy backpacking w/e. GSWW: Petrified forest to Trewalla to lighthouse.; Linda H

Grampians: South Mt William Range with John V.G.; difficult; Coralie

Club Night replaced by farewell dinner for Di F at Bojangles

Proudfoots Boathouse walk to the breakwater (not via the boardwalk); Easy; Mabel

Dunkeld 3 Peaks Challenge - Mt Abrupt, Mt Sturgeon and the Piccanniny all in the one day.; M-7-7; Lothar

Back of Lorne - 3 waterfalls (Sheoak, Henderson, Phantom) + Castle Rock lookout; M-5-5; Lothar

Daylesford weekend; Steff

Club Night; Sandra

Timboon Rail Trail: Glenfyne to Timboon; easy; Coralie

Northern Grampians: base camping at Wartook. Boronia Peak, The Pinnacle. Mt Stapylton circuit. Briggs Bluff. Mt Difficult. Dunkeld - Mt Abrupt, Mt Sturgeon; M/H; Lothar

North of Buandik, taking in some falls, Blackfellows Rock with John V G.; difficult; Coralie

Morning: Around Childers Cove. With the Bayside Bushwalking Club.; S/M-3-5; Lothar

Afternoon: Lunch at Tower Hill followed by a circuit walk with the Bayside Bushwalking Club.; S-6-6; Lothar

Evening: Christmas in July. Three course dinner at Izzys in Koroit. With Bayside; Liz H

Wartook weekend; Steff

Halls Gap base camp. Boronia Peak + others.; Linda H

Dunkeld: Mt Abrupt or Mt Sturgeon with the Grampians Bushwalking club.; S-6-6; Marg

BOICP: Flaxmans Hill to Bay of Islands; M-4-6; Lothar

BOICP: Childers Cove to Flaxmans Hill; M-4-6; Lothar

Day walk: Mt Staplyton circuit.; Linda H

Club Night; Linda H

Wyperfeld NP base camping. Camp soup Sat night, camp roast & baked spuds Sun night.; various; Lothar

Redman Bluff & the Mt William Range with John V G.; difficult; Coralie

Mt Eccles; easy; Helen

Mystery Grampians day walk; M-5-6; Janice

Club Night followed by Laminating and Gear Extravaganza!!; Linda H

Mt Lang and Teddy Bear Gap with John V G.; Difficult; Coralie

Grape Escape weekend at Halls Gap + track maintenance; Linda H

Dunkeld Winery Bicycle Tour. Some walking.; easy; Sandra

Upper reaches of the Werribee Gorge, around the "island". With the Geelong Club.; John M

Old Beechy Rail Trail: Barongarook to Gellibrand. 16km; M-4-3; Lothar

Club Night.; Coralie

Beeripmo, Mt Buangor State Park; M-4-4; Janice

Easter extended walk around Dinner Plains (Vic Alps); Difficult; Coralie

Club night starting at 7:30pm.  Gear Freaks Anon. Show off your latest purchases.

Overland Track, Tasmania; Marg

Clean Up at Tower Hill.; Easy; Coralie

W/E in Dunkeld. 3 peaks over 2 days.; S-6-6; Linda H

Warrnambool to Port Fairy.; X-1-4; Lothar

BBQ - farewell to Marg and Ken

Club night. Planning night and walking in Nepal

Glenelg River Gorge walk. Walk from North Nelson track to Nelson - 15 kms; M-3-3; Mabel

Tasmania: South West Cape; Coralie

Great Ocean Walk Johanna to Princetown; Linda

BBQ replaces Club Night at Lake Pertobe.; Mike/Liz

Christmas breakup.  Canoe down Glenelg River one day, O/N+BBQ at Paestan Canoe Hire; Peter

12 Apostles to Princetown return; Coralie

Club night.

Cape Bridgewater to Cape Nelson Lighthouse; Linda

Enfield; Di F

Mt Mystery walk. Long and hard.; Coralie

A 10 km walk at the Long Forest Nature Reserve, Bacchus Marsh.; S/M-5-4; John M

Club night

Grampians - Mt Staplyton loop.; Linda

NEPAL. Jomsom Trek and Annapurna Sanctuary. Use porters, stay in Tea Houses.; M-8-7; Lothar

Great Ocean Walk - end to end, &/or day walks to suit on weekends; Linda

Mt Sturgeon, Piccaninny, Mt Abrupt; Di F

Club night.

Glenelg River; Steff

O/N Briggs Bluff/Mt Difficult area; MedHard; Coralie

Penola bike ride weekend; Steff

TBA. Somewhere with a few hills!; Lothar

Club night.

Overnight walk in the Mount Thackery area; Medium; DiD&DiF

The new Pinnacle walk at Halls Gap.; M-5-5; Di F

Boardwalk, Warrnambool. With the Camperdown walkers.; Doris

Wartook weekend. Camp at Mt Emu Holiday Park.; Steff

Endeavours Restaurant; Mike&Liz

Tower Hill Wattles walk. Plus a BBQ! Plus the Friends of Tower Hillhave working bee in pm; Liz

GSWW: Cape Nelson Lighthouse to Portland; Marg

You Yangs - Flinders Peak. Serendip Sanctuary. Mt Rothwell (Little River Earth Sanctuary); Peter

Fortress/Mt Thackeray; Hard; Coralie

Club night

Progressive Dinner. Michael J's place to Koroit Botanic Gardens to Linda & Irene's place.; Liz H

Vicwalk Track maintenance - Halls Gap - Boronia Peak.; Linda

BBQ lunch at Tower Hill with the Friends of Tower Hill followed by working bee

Day walk at Mt Staplyton.; Linda

Club night. Guest speaker: John Sutherland, President of Friends of Tower Hill.

Bushwalking behind Lorne.: see many waterfalls around the Sheoak picnic area.; M-6-4; Lothar

Walk with the Geelong Club. Anglesea area.; John M

Anzac Day. To Great Western to see the Scarecrow display + walks; Marg

Day walk at Mt Eccles.; Easy; Di F

Halls Gap - walks in the area; various

Mt Sturgeon day walk

Mt Abrupt day walk.; Ken

Wigandia property open day + walks; Marg

Terang to Mt Noorat return; L-7-3; Doug M

Tower Hill. BBQ at 6pm followed by night walk; Liz

O/N backpacking. Suitable for beginners. Thunder Point to Port Fairy, O/N at Killarney.; Marg

Johanna to Moonlight Head. 19.2km.; M/H; Mabel

Club night.

Clean Up Australia. Wangoom; Coralie

Day walk: Beeripmo loop.; Coralie

Relay for Life.; Lothar

Club night.

Halls Gap Jazz Festival. Boronia Peak on Saturday after the parade and Chatauqua Peak; Lothar

MS Challenge - Killarney Beach to Warrnambool; Linda

Pine Valley, Tasmania.; M-8-8; John L

BBQ replaces Club Night, at Martins Point in Port Fairy.; Mike/Liz

Annual Christmas breakup weekend.  Venue: PMRC; Mike/Liz

Great Ocean Walk from Cape Otway Lighthouse to Johanna Beach.; M-7-7; Mabel

Warrnambool Walkers Relay for Life Team. "Blue Illusions" fashion parade

Annual General Meeting

Glenelg River Gorge; S/M-4-4; Helen

Tuesday night walk from Granny's Grave to Middle Island; Lothar

Grampians - Mount Thackery.; Di D

Wilsons Prom - stay at the Lighthouse or base camp at Tidal River; Linda

Mt Difficult/Briggs Bluff. Friday night camp at Troopers Creek.; Coralie

Club night.

Open garden and BBQ at Mike & Liz; Liz&Mike

Around Griffiths Island and return to Time & Tide Gallery; S-3-4; Linda

Grampians O/N; Di D

No Club Night, dinner instead at the Endeavours Restaurant; Mike&Liz

Grampians: Track Maintenance; Linda

Beeripmo O/N; Di F & Di D

Complete Great Ocean Walk.; L-7-7; Michael J

Enfield day walk.; M-5-5; Di F

Tower Hill Wattle walk.; S-4-4; Lothar

Club night. Flinders Ranges "Show and Tell".

Combined activities with Ballarat Bushwalking and Outdoor Club. Saturday: walk around Childers Cove. Sunday: from Proudfoots to Gauls Cave.; Di F

Midweek - Flaxmans Hill to Peterborough; M-6-6; Lothar

Great Ocean Walk. O/N backpacking. Johanna West.; Heaton

Childers Cove to Flaxmans Hill; M-6-6; Lothar

Relay for Life film night - March of the Penguins.; Lothar

Club night.

Childers Cove area; S-6-6; Lothar

Midweek offtrack walking in The Grampians; Coralie

Mt Eccles; Di F

Mt Sturgeon, etc; S-7-7; Marg

Flinders Ranges. Various walks/grades. Parts of the Heysen Trail.; various; Linda

Club night. Demo of the new Foodsaver Vacuum Packager. Also walks planning night.

Broadway variety review. Fundraising for Relay For Life.; Heather & Lothar

Lake Gillear to Childers Cove.; M-5-5; Lothar

Blackwood base camp. With Ballarat Bushwalking and Outdoor club; Di F

WRAD There's more to Life! Expo promotion.; Lothar

Grampians track repair. Camp at Buandik Friday night. Track maintenance at the Fortress, return to Buandik. Sunday, travel to the Chimney Pots to cut a new track.; Linda

Club night.

Otways: Apollo Bay area; Alan

Cappuccino walk: Otways - Melba Gully and Glow worms. O/N camping is possible; Helen

Cappuccino walk: Tower Hill to Koroit.; S-3-3; Linda

Grampians. Troopers Creek start/end. Mt Difficult to Briggs Bluff; M-8-8; Coralie

Club night.

Barongarook to Gellibrand - Old Beechy Rail Trail; M-3-3; John M

Track Maintenance, Venus Baths area, Halls Gap.

Saturday: Moggs Creek - Aireys Inlet Loop; Sunday: in and around Colac; Di F & Di D

Black Range. 1 km backpacking with steep ascent. Sleep in large cave - tent not required. Walk along Black Range ridge.; Coralie

Club night.

Clean Up Australia Day. Meet at the Wangoom Store.; Coralie

GSWW: Drive up Saturday, camp at Moleside. Day walk Sunday: Moleside to Murrells Camp.; Linda & Mary BJ

Great South West Walk. Do the whole lot or do day walks.; Mike J or Mary BJ

Cappuccino walk: Proudfoots to the Breakwater & return; Lothar

Proudfoots to Gauls Cave & return.; Marg

Killarney to Port Fairy ; M-4-4; Lothar

Relay for Life. 7pm Friday to 1pm Saturday; Di

Relay for Life - Fashion Parade fundraiser.; Mabel

Club night.

Mt Sturgeon day walk.; S-7-7; Lothar

Allambee Beek Circuit with the Otway Ranges Walking Track Association.; Lothar

Izzy's Restaurant, Dunkeld.; Marg

Griffiths Island walk and Tide & Time cafe.; S-3-3; Linda

Old Beechy Rail Trail from Beech Forest to Gellibrand; M/L-5-4; Lothar

BBQ. Replaces Club Night, in Port Fairy.

Annual Christmas breakup weekend at Princess Margaret Rose Caves campground.; Marg/ Lothar

Killarney to Port Fairy & return.; M-3-7; Mabel

Mt Field and Cradle Mountain; various; Marg, Ken


GSWW: Mt Richmond to Tarragal camp to the blowholes.; M-4-3; Mabel

Briggs Bluff Circuit; Coralie

VicWalk Federation Day walk near Blackwood; Lothar

Part of Federation Track between Ballarat & Daylesford. Stay O/N if desired; Di F

Club Night

Black Range; Coralie

Grampians: Plantation walk & Sundial walk; S-2-2; Anne

Beeripmo walk near Mt Cole.; M-5-3; Mabel

Walk various sections of the Bibbulmun Track in WA - Day walks / backpacking; Lothar

Club Night. Warrnambool Disposals will present a variety of cooking stoves.

Great Ocean Walk. Castle Cove to Moonlight Head. Overnight at Milanesia Beach.; Heaton

Skipton Rail Trail. Also Mt Elephant, tours, etc. Stay in Shearers quarters; Janice

Karen is moving to Hobart and so a farewell dinner has been arranged at Fish Tails; Marg

Grampians: help to maintain the Chimney Pots with the Grampians Walks Support Group.; Linda

The Otways: down a ridge on "Wonga Park", views of the Gellibrand River valley and Gellibrand, and back up Wonga Rd.; M-5-5; John M

Day walk in Northern Grampians: Golton Gorge, Mt Zero, Mt Zero Olives.; Coralie

Club Night: Cooking for overnight hikes - Coralie & Janice

Childers Cove area; S-4-4; Marg

Mt Eccles; Helen A

Bike ride to Tower Hill; walk around Tower Hill.; S-3-3; Marg

Great Ocean Walk #2. Cape Otway Lighthouse to Castle Cove (Bend Caf‚).; Heaton

Endeavours Restaurant at TAFE; Linda

Grampians. Stay at Halls Gap YHA, late winter solstice.; various; Linda

Back of Lorne walks; M-5-5; Lothar

Progressive Dinner - Mafia theme.; Marg/Ken

Club Night Walks planning

Wyperfeld NP. Base camping, roasts, short/long walks; Lothar

Mt Napier, Byaduk Caves; S-4-4; Helen

Introduction to Mountain Bike riding. Walks also available. Heatherlie quarry, Grampians; Coralie

Great Ocean Walk #1. Marengo to Cape Otway; Heaton/ Mabel

Club Night; Doug & Lothar do Packing Packs

Cobden to Timboon (Rail Trail); L-3-3; Doris

Daylesford. Various walks, plus bits of Hepburn Springs' Swiss Italian Festa 2005; various; Lothar

Mt Abrupt; S-7-7; Ken

Cycling in the Dunolly area; Coralie

Yuulong/Burrupa loop in the Otways; M-7-7; John M

Social evening in Port Fairy: Pizza/Pasta and film "The Weeping Camel"; Mabel

Killarney to Port Fairy.; S-2-3; Karen

Club Night

Cape Bridgewater Kiosk to Cape Nelson lighthouse. About 18km.; L-6-3; Mabel

Ryan's Den (Lavers Hill) day walk.; S/M-4-4; Coralie

Relay for Life; John P

Grampians Jazz Festival weekend base camping. A range of walks of various grades.; various; Lothar

Club Night

Warrnambool to Port Fairy beach walk; Lothar

Walk from Killarney beach to Port Fairy.; M-4-3; Karen & Marg

Friday-Saturday at Dunkeld. Camp at the Dunkeld campground. Festivities Friday night in main street. Saturday 4am walk to the Piccininny to see the sunrise. Other walks planned: Arboretum, Mt Sturgeon, Mt Abrupt, and more!; various; Marg

BBQ 6:30pm Martins Point, Port Fairy.; S-1-1

Christmas Party - Dunkeld Bunk House; Coralie

Tuesday evening: Middle Island walk.; S-3-4; Lothar

Borough Huts base camp. Day walks; Sat:L-5-4. Sun:??; Linda & Marg

Old Beechy line walk, Otway Fly walk, plus bakery in Lavers Hill.; S-3-3; Lothar

Skipton-Ballarat rail trail, Mooramong historic homestead, bandicoots, Mount Widderin lava cave and Mount Elephant.; M-3-3; Janice

Club Night

Buandik base camp; Linda

Bomjinna area; Mabel

Little Desert NP. Long W/E (Wbool Show); Karen

Mt Abrupt; Myers open garden day; Dianne F

Dimboola (Warrnambool Theatre company); Social; Linda

Major Mitchell Plateau; Mabel & Marg

Club Night

Nelson area. Base camp at Princess Margaret Rose Caves in cabin or tent. Livingstone's Island Nature Walk, Dry Creek Native Forest Reserve, Penambol Conservation Park, walk around PMR caves &/or do the loop there.; S-3-3; Lothar

1 week on Heysen Trail; Heaton

Blue Mountains area; various; Karen & Linda

Endeavours Restaurant; Stephanie

Womens Expo 10am - 4pm Emmanuel College; Dianne F

12:00 Breakwater to the whales; easy; Helen A

Southern Grampians, Contact No - 0438 627 651; easy; Anne

Map reading practical session; Linda

Map reading - TAFE; Linda

Melanesia walking west - Overnight hike; hard; Heaton

Map reading - TAFE; Linda

Mount Difficult to Plantation; M-7-6; Coralie

Designed as a first trackless bushwalk. Some scrambling, genuine bush walking but easy enough for beginners with almost no experience.; S-4-4; Heaton

Club Night, Kevin Chappel from One Planet

Glenfyne to Timboon along old railway line; Coralie

Bike ride to Tower Hill - View magnificent wattles; Marg

Wartook area. Cabins/camping. Various day walks.; Various; Linda

Nelson area: Canyon walk to Nelson; Linda

Rest days

Club Night. One Planet's Kevin Chappel to talk/demo gear afterwards

Dunkeld various walks; Marg

Part of GSWW: Mallee Camp to Portland. 16.5km.; L-3-3; Mabel

Bike ride to Hopkins Falls.; Marg

Halls Gap - YHA weekend. Various walks.; Steff & Linda

Wyperfeld National Park. Q.B. weekend.; Mabel & Karen

Club Night.

Beeripmo Walk:  Mount Cole State Forest and Mt Buangor State park, Suit beginner backpackers through interesting variety of vegetation and landforms. Mostly easy.; M-3-3; Janice & Mabel

Grampians. Mt Rosea area.; Coralie

Milanesia Beach area. Designed as a first ever overnight walk. Meeting, a fortnight before to discuss packing a pack and other basics.; S-2-2; Heaton

Club Night with a talk by John Amor (Coastcare)

Grampians - Sundial to Halls Gap; S-5-5; Linda

Walk preparation for May 15-16 walk - TAFE library at 7pm; Heaton

Lorne. Loop around waterfalls in the Sheoak Picnic area; M-4-3; Lothar

O/N backpacking. Brisbane Ranges.; Diane D

Short club night followed by Pizza.

Little Desert NP - base camping at Kiata campground; Karen

O/N backpacking. Cape Otway area incl Lighthouse, Rainbow Falls, etc. Treetop walk afterwards.; M-3-3; Coralie

Walk Mt Sturgeon and the Picaninny.; M-6-6; Marg/Di

Grampians. Sheep Hills Carpark to Bomjinna Campground; M-7-7; Linda

Clean up Australia Day with the Killarney Coastcare group at Killarney Beach Reserve; M-4-3; Karen & Linda

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Non progressive dinner. Italian. At Koroit.; S-1-1; Steph

Club Night

GSWW: Glenelg River region, O/N backpacking from Murrells Camp to Simsons Landing.; M/L-3-3; Janice/Mabel

Relay for Life 24 hour team event to raise funds for cancer research; Dianne F

Halls Gap Jazz Festival weekend base camping. A range of walks of various grades.; various; Lothar

Club night Focus: walks planning plus a photo night afterwards

Film Night at The Capitol Theatre. "Big Fish". To support Relay for Life; Lothar

Relay for Life meeting 7:30pm Di Fraser's place; Dianne F

Mt Napier: Crater walk. Have lunch. Drive to Byaduk caves.; Marg

GSWW. Section of the Great South West Walk.; Karen

Weekend at Ballarat.  ; Dianne F

7.30pm  Let's treat our feet!  Nutrimetics foot pampering party at Di's.  Bring a foot bowl, a towel, your wallet and your sense of humour!  20% of all sales will go to Relay for Life (Cancer research).  Nibbles provided, BYO drinks.; Dianne F

GSWW. O/N back packing or base camping possible; Lothar

Walk from the Flume to Proudfoots Boathouse. Have dinner ; Lothar

Club night at Martins Point, Port Fairy.

XMas breakup weekend at Monibeong.; Steff

GSWW Bridgewater Lakes to Cape Bridgewater kiosk; M-6-2; Linda

Mt Noorat, Mt Leura and Sugarloaf; Doris

Tuesday: Walk from Granny's Grave to Middle Island and return to see the Penguins.

Grampians day walk; M-6-5; Linda

Friends of Tower Hill are organising a walk from Castle Cove to Johanna Beach. ; Karen

Grampians O/N walks. Boroka lookout area; M-7-7; Coralie

Annual General Meeting, talk by John Amor on Coast Care

Port Fairy to Warrnambool walk; L-2-2; Karen

Bike ride to Childers Cove; Marg

West Barham tall trees walk near Apollo Bay; John

Coralie's 50th Birthday party.; Diane D

Wilsons Prom.; Linda

Mt Sturgeon; M-6-6; Marg/Dianne F

Club night. Walk planning night - for 2004.

Otways: Carlisle - Gellibrand area. On tracks with steep hills.; L-8-2; Andrew

Penola Winery weekend; Linda&Irene

Nelson area, base camping ; Princes Margaret Rose caves; North Nelson Track; S-3-3,; Liz & Mike

Halls Gap, base camping. Sat: Medium walk with Linda. Sun: easy walk around Mafeking; Linda & Anne

Grampians - Major Mitchell Plateau, O/N backpacking; M-8-7; Marg

Club night. Walk planning night.

Cobden to Botanical Gardens Camperdown; L-3-3; Doris

Camping Expo at the Table Tennis Stadium.; Dianne F

Pizza night at Terry & Shirley's place.; Shirley/Terry

Mt Dundas; M-5-6; Heaton

Mt Difficult day walk.; M-7-7; Dianne F

Half Marathon - Koroit to Warrnambool along road.; L-1-1; Marg

Tower Hill Wattle walk.; S-3-3; Lothar

Club night. First Aid. Photos - Ron

Base camping. Sat: Lake Bellfield to Borough Huts (Easy). Sun: Tunnel track (Medium); Diane D

Killarney to Port Fairy and back; M-3-3; Karen

Walk from The Flume to Proudfoots Boat House, dinner, and return.

Mystery walk!; Karen

Larapinta Trail, NT. Various grades & options from O/N backpacking to day walks to escorted walks. 1-3 weeks.; various; Coralie & Linda

Cappuccino walk. Breakwater to Proudfoots and return.; Helen

Winter Solstice bike weekend, Dunkeld area. Luxury cabins, Fancy Dress, etc.; Coralie

Grampians. Roses Gap and beyond O/N walk. A genuine medium walk from Roses Gap to Plantation Campground visiting Briggs Bluff along the way.; M-6-6; Diane D

Club night.

Queen's Birthday W/E: Wyperfeld National Park. Various walks of various grades.; Lothar

Women's Expo, showgrounds. WW Stall displaying equipment, etc; Lothar

Long day walk in Grampians; Linda

Waterfall focus - to Allenvale (back of Lorne). Off/On track, overnight backpacking.; M-7-7; Heaton

Mahogony Walk from Levi's Car Park to Commercial Hotel in Koroit.; Linda

Club night. Plan walks for July-September. Risk Management procedures

Northern Grampians - Wartook. O/N cabin(s) or camp. Day walks; Linda

Endeavours Restaurant at TAFE; Stephanie

Daylesford Swiss/Italian festival.; Dianne F

Glenelg River Walk/Canoe/camping trip. Moleside to Pritchard's Friday; to Forest Camp South Saturday; to Sapling Creek Sunday.; Linda/Irene

Easter walking  trip to Kangaroo Island; Dianne F

Timboon Cheese walk. Glenfyne to Timboon via the disused railway line.; Coralie

Club night. Heaton to organise a special Risk Management feature.

Old Beechy line, visit Otway Estate, circuit walk along the old Beechy railway line, then to Laver's Hill; Lothar

Bike Ride. Meet at Koroit Botanical Gardens; Anne

Risk Management workshop.

Apollo Bay area Barham River Falls; Mariners Lookout; Doris

Saturday . Teddy Bear Gap.; Karen

Club night.

Clean up Australia Day. at the Killarney Beach Carpark. ; Diane Fraser

Otways waterfalls w/e; Coralie

Bike ride. Koroit countryside; Anne

24 hr Cancer Council Relay for Life 6pm Friday to 6pm Sat; Mabel

Walk up one or both Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt.; Irene/Mabel  /Marg

Relay for Life Garage Sale @ Marg & Ken's place. Drop PRICED articles off ASAP.; Marg

Relay for Life sponsor night. TAFE Library, 7pm; Lothar

Club night. Venue - Seal in Hyland St.

Halls Gap Jazz Festival weekend base camping.; various; Lothar

Visit to Middle Island to see the Fairy Penguins.; Lothar/Marg

Aire River to Cape Otway Light House via Rainbow Falls; M-4-4; Lothar

Grampians W/E base camping Halls Gap.; M-5-3; Marg & Mabel

Port Fairy. 6pm BBQ then Griffiths Island walk. View Mutton birds at dusk.; S-2-2; Lothar

Breakwater to Hopkins River and return along walkway; S-2-2; Lothar

Port Fairy to Warrnambool walk along the beach.; L-2-4; Lothar

Bridgewater Lakes and Portland. Part of the GSWW.; M-5-5; Lothar

Last meeting for the year - at Tower Hill.

Great South West Walk. 2 days along beach at low tide. O/N at Lake Monibeong Sat night.; Lothar

Xmas breakup at Monibeong.

Daylesford area. Wombat State Park, and St Erth - poppy and lupin show.; S-3-3;  Sandra

Princetown to Moonlight Heads along Old Coach Rd.; M-3-3; Coralie

Mt Eccles.; Karen.

AGM. Mabel presenting a presentation of her 4WD trip to the Simpson Desert

Kings Track off Gelibrand River. 14km.; M-5-3; John

Mepunga to Bay of Islands. O/N backpacking; Diane

Wyperfeld. Base camping. Various grades. Bring bicycles if you want, camp ovens, etc; S/M-4-3; Lothar

VicWalk Federation Weekend. 20 walks of different grades, Lorne area.

Nelson to Monibeong. O/N backpacking or long day walk about 23 km; L-5-5; Marg

Club night

Stay in Ballarat on Sat. night. Sun: Walk in Werribee Gorge with Ballarat Walkers; S-6-5; Di Fraser

O/N backpacking. Blacks Range South. Mostly off track.; S-7-7; Heaton

GSWW: Pattersons Canoe Camp to Nelson (20K).; L-4-3; Marg

O/N camp in Nelson area. Walk, snorkel (at Ewan Ponds), fish, canoe combo.; S-3-3; Steff

Dinner at the Endeavours TAFE Restaurant ; Club night; Lothar

Troopers Creek to Beehive Falls (via Mt Difficult & Briggs Bluff). 20km, 7-8 hrs. Alternative: MacKenzie Falls loop; L-8-8 &/or S-3-3; Coralie; Linda & Steff

Mt Zero & Hollow Mountain.; S-4-4; Lothar

Base camp at Ferntree Waterfalls in Mt Buangor State Park.; M-7-4; Sandra

Wednesday mid-week walk.; Mike

The Fortress. 15-17km, 6-8hrs; L-8-8; Lothar

The Chimney Pots. 3hrs, 3km. O/N Dunkeld or Buandik; S-7-7; Lothar

Wednesday mid-week walk.; Mike

Mt William, from Sheep Hills CP, return. 16km, 6-7hrs or car shuffle near top.; L-8-8; Lothar

Warrnambool Athletic Club Half Marathon, Koroit to Warrnambool. Walk 21.6km.; Marg

Grampians Garden loop: Wonderland CP, the Pinnacle, Turret Falls. 3-4hrs, 7km. O/N Halls Gap, Borough Huts, etc; S-7-7; Lothar

Wednesday mid-week walk.; Mike

Club night. Afterwards, a "mystery walk". BYO torch.

Mt Abrupt.; S-8-8; Mike/Lothar

Mt Sturgeon & The Piccaninny. 4hrs. O/N Dunkeld or Wannon Crossing or return to Warrnambool; S-7-7; Lothar

Wednesday mid-week walk.; Mike/Lothar

Jimmy's Ck to Stockyard Saddle return, 13Km, 6hrs. Combined walk with Camperdown Walkers.; M-7-7; Lothar

Mt Sturgeon, 2.5hrs & Teddy Bear Gap loop. 8km, 2.5hrs. O/N Jimmy's Ck or Dunkeld.; S-6-6; Lothar

Wednesday mid-week walk.; Mike

O/N camp in Nelson area. Walk, snorkel (at Ewan Ponds), fish, canoe combo.; S-3-3; Steff

Wednesday mid-week walk.; Mike

Lorne area. eg Sheoak Picnic area, figure 8 walk.; M-6-6; Lothar

Lorne area. eg Lorne township, beach area & surrounds O/N Lorne area; S-3-3; Doris

Wednesday mid-week walk. Mt Sturgeon & The Piccaninny. 4hrs.; Mike

O/N backpack, Blacks Range North (NW Grampians) investigation walk. Some off track requiring navigation.; S-7-7; Heaton

GSWW: Bridgewater Lakes to Cape Bridgewater.; M/L-4-3; Lothar

Wednesday: we're looking at starting mid-week walks. If you're interested please contact me. Today we're doing Mt Abrupt; Lothar

Club night. 7:30pm, TAFE Library, Kepler St

Walk to Gauls Cave from Logans Beach (9-10km); S-6-6; Coralie

Tower Hill Wattle walk; S-3-3; Lothar

O/N backpacking. The Fortress, Grampians; M-4-3; Ron

Near Carlisle State Park; L-4-2; Diane

Walk from back of Simpson to Gelibrand River, return (8-9Km).; S-4-3; John

Club night:

Wannon Gorge, off Major Mitchell Plateau, Grampians; S-8-8; Herb

Queens Birthday w/e: Grampians - easier than Herb's walk; Steff

Queens Birthday w/e: Wyperfeld. Base camping. Various short walks.; S-3-3; Lothar

Progressive Dinner. Australian theme.; Sandra

30km bike ride. Wangoom circuit.; Ann

Great South West Walk, Moleside to Post & Rail (10km), P&R to Pattersons (17km). O/N backpack or base camp or 2 day walks.; L-4-3; Marg

Daylesford area. Base camp at Jubilee Lake; S-2-2; Steff

Club night

Heysen Trail; Heaton

Lerderderg Gorge. O/N backpack; M-6-6; Diane

Great South West Walk, combined walk with Camperdown Walkers. Forest Camp, Gorge walk. O/N at Pattersons; Graeme & Marg

Walk around Koroit area, about 10-11km. Koroit Irish Festival.; S/M-2-2; Sandra

Grampians O/N backpacking or 2 x daywalks. From Borough Huts to Mt Rosea campground, and then next day to Halls Gap via the Pinnacle.; M-7-6; Lothar

Mt Langi Ghiran; M-7-5; Tony

Possibly Carlisle State Park.

Yuulong to Johanna (Western Otways). O/N camp at endpoint; M-7-5; John

Bike ride. Framlingham and surrounds.; Coralie

Sandy Ridge Track walk to Parker Hill (+/- the coastal walk); Andrew

Cappuccino walk. Yacht Club/Surf Club/Lake Pertobe area.; S-1-1; Helen

Halls Gap base camping/cabining. Various walks.; various; Lothar

Lorne area: waterfalls, canyon, Castle Rock, etc.; M-4-3; Lothar

Club night.

Halls Gap base camping/cabining. Various walks. Grampians Jazz Festival.; various; Lothar

Dunkeld: Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt.; S/M-5-5; Lothar

Cape Nelson Lighthouse to Cubby's Camp; L-4-3; Marg

Cape Otway to Aire River (or reverse); M-4-4; Lothar

Port Fairy toWarrnambool along beach.; L/X-2-4; Lothar

Tower Hill walk.; S-4-3; Lothar

Bridgewater Bay to Petrified Forest (return); S/M-3-3; Lothar

28th: Tarragul to The Springs (12km). 29th: to the Blowholes, Cape Bridgewater & the seals, and Trewalla (15km). 30th: to Cape Nelson Lighthouse (15km).; M-5-5; Lothar

Christmas Break-Up at Lake Monibeong.; Judy

Meeting/BBQ at Martin's Point, Pt Fairy. Walk around Griffith Island.

Bicycle Victoria ride. Rutherglen to Lilydale.

Pyrenees Walk, Amphitheatre/Elmhurst, between Avoka and Ararat.; S-7-5; John


Nepal 2002 meeting #2 @ 7pm. Annapurna slides; packs/gear; training schedule; Lothar

Lerderderg Gorge. Bacchus Marsh area.; M-7-4; Diane

Half day bushwalk at Devondale (around Simpson area).; S-5-7; John

Wilsons Prom.Tidal River, Sealer's Cove, Refuge Cove, Waterloo Bay.; M-6-5; Lothar

Mt Langi Ghiran backpacking. Beginners welcome; S-4-5; Tony

Half day local walk. Meet picnic area, Killarney; S-2-2; Anne

Day walk Major Mitchell Plateau, Grampians.; L-7-7; Marg

Club night

Day walk, Lorne area; M-6-3; Lothar

Rogaining Mt Disappointment Base Camp; Steff

Briggs Bluff - Plantation Hike; Med/Hard; Coralie

Flinders Ranges Base Camp/ Day Walks; S-4-3; Lothar

Rogaining Training Session (location to be advised); Steff

Club night. Preparing for Hikes from food to First aid requirements

Grampians; Steff

Bike ride; Coralie

Navigation Day/Night - Compass and map Reading. Re-visit the Basics; Herb

Christmas in August. Picnic Lunch. Walk around Tower Hill in the afternoon. 3-course dinner in the evening.

Club night; Lothar

Day Walk Lorne Area - Sheoak Falls/Castle Rock/Henderson Falls; M-7-4; Lothar

Base Camp Halls Gap Re-visit Federation Walks; Marg

Borella Walk Chinamans Camping Ground to Ben Nevis near Warak (20km East of Ararat.) Half Day Walk on DNRE walking track.; John

Local « day walk Griffiths Island, Port Fairy; Anne

Family Day b.b.q and photo trail Lake Pertobe. Walk along beach; Steff

Club night.

Blue Mountains (Six Foot Track) 3 days walk. 46km. .; MedHard; Linda & Irene

Major Mitchell Plateau, Grampians; Marg

Bike ride to Framlingham, The Sisters, & Ellerslie. Bring Lunch; Coralie

Dunkeld Base Camp day or weekend Mt Sturgeon, Mt Abrupt possibly Roses Gap; Ken & Marg

Rogaining Daylesford 2X6hr with the Rogaining Association of Victoria; Steff

Local « day walk Shelly Beach Coastal Area; Anne

Club night. Borai Hoelsktra physiotherapist discussing Ailments and preparation ideas for walks and hiking

Nelson Base Camp. Parts of Great South West Walk; Linda & Irene

All Peaks Challenge; S-9-9; Herb

Backpacking. Brisbane Ranges; Diane

Timboon to Glenfyne along old railway track; Coralie

Starting today! Weekly bike rides! Starts at Marg's place, ride 20-50km in length. Bring petty cash (for Cappuccino rest stops), raincoat & sunscreen. For wet Thursdays, drive to nearby town or feature & have picnic lunch & walk; Marg

Club night.

Second leg of Great South West Walk; Linda & Irene

Annual Progressive dinner. Dress with a French theme.; Judy

Anzac Day. Bike ride to Childers Cove. Or drive there! Picnic, etc.; L-5-2; Marg

Wild Dog Falls. Otways.; S-7-8; Diane

(1) Dunkeld base camping; (1) Marg

(2) Wyperfeld National Park.; (2) Tony

Club night. Killarney Reserve.

Lake Elizabeth day walk. Otways.; S-3-3; Steff

All Peaks Challenge; S-9-9; Herb

First leg of GSWW

Timboon to Glenfyne along old railway track

Walls of Jerusalem and/or Overland Track; Lothar

West Otways; John

Otways walk

Lek Pertobe Family Fun Day; Stephanie

Otways starting from Lorne; Eddy

Glenaire Beach to Cape Otway; Lothar

Halls Gap base camp; Linda & Irene

Hopkins River; Marg

Christmas Party

Pt Fairy to W'bool walk along beach.; M/L-5-4; Lothar

Mystery Family Fun Day.

Pt Fairy. Vision Australia Foundation walking excursion. Assisting the disabled.; Helen

Club night.

Pt Fairy boat trip around bay & walk around Griffith Island.; S-3-3; Helen

All Peaks Challenge.; S-8-8; Herb

Major Mitchell Plateau. O/N backpacking. Note: Melb cup W/E.; M-7-5; Marg

Show w/e: 3 days O/N, basecamping, etc. 3 suggestions: The Coorong, Hattah Lakes , or rogaining.

Grampians w/e. Base camp Halls Gap. Federation weekend 2000. Springtime in the Grampians. Hosted by the Dandenong Valley Bushwalking Club.; various

BBQ Lake Pertobe (LP) followed by LP circuit walk; S-2-2; Judy?

All Peaks Challenge.; S-8-8; Herb

Club night

Bike ride to Ralph Illich Sanctuary.; X-4-1; Marg

Social outing- Boat cruise along the Hopkins River on "The Spirit of Warrnambool".; Judy

Trekking in Nepal on the Annapurna Circuit. Click for Preliminary information. Just Peter & Lothar going; M-7-4; Lothar

Walks committee meeting. Plan walks for Dec-Mar. All welcome!

Kosciuszco to Kiandra. Thredbo access. The main range, lakes, tarns & alpine high plains. Jagungal Wilderness area. 7-8 days; Herb

Bridgewater Bay. Day walk, or base camp for Mt Richmond walk; S-4-2; Carolyn

Wyperfeld; Steph

Canoeing; Geoff

All Peaks challenge; Herb

Federation W/E Preparation; Coralie

Federation Council country weekend, Warrnambool area; Helen

Local walk; Steph

The Fortress; Helen

Half marathon: Koroit to Warrnambool; Marg

All Peaks challenge; Herb

Little Desert base camp; Lothar

Palister's Nature Reserve; Trevor

Progressive dinner; Judy

Mt Eccles base camp

All Peaks challenge

Cappuccino walk; Lothar

Rogaining Mt Disappointment; Herb

Navigation day; Herb

Carlisle State Park; Diane

Port Fairy base camp; Marg

Golf at Peterborough

GSWW day trips; Herb

Mt Cole base camp; John & Glenda

Daylesford and Hepburn Springs; Lothar

Chimney Pots; Wayne

Mt Richmond; S-3-3; Anne

All Peaks challenge; M-8-10; Herb

Lake Elizabeth; Apollo Bay; M-6-3; Caroline

Gippsland area; Herb

GSWW day trips; Lothar

Base camp Dunkeld; Marg

Framlingham Forest; Bill

Hopkins River canoe exploration; Geoff

All Peaks challenge; Herb

Mt Difficult Range; Coralie

Grampians case camp; Herb

Tower Hill circuit; Steph

Explore the Merri by canoe; Geoff

All Peaks challenge; Herb

Extended Tassie walk; Lothar

Lake Elizabeth; Apollo Bay; Caroline

Penola biocycle winery tour; Sandra

Extended Tassie WALk; Coralie