Activities for 2004:

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Jan-Mar 2004 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2004 Jan 9 7.30pm  Let's treat our feet!  Nutrimetics foot pampering party at Di's.  Bring a foot bowl, a towel, your wallet and your sense of humour!  20% of all sales will go to Relay for Life (Cancer research).  Nibbles provided, BYO drinks.   Dianne F
2004 Jan 10-11 Weekend at Ballarat.     Dianne F
2004 Jan 18 GSWW. Section of the Great South West Walk.   Karen
2004 Jan 25 Mt Napier: Crater walk. Have lunch. Drive to Byaduk caves.   Marg
2004 Feb 2 Relay for Life meeting 7:30pm Di Fraser's place   Dianne F
2004 Feb 6 Film Night at The Capitol Theatre. "Big Fish". To support Relay for Life   Lothar
2004 Feb 10 Club night Focus: walks planning plus a photo night afterwards    
2004 Feb 13-15 Halls Gap Jazz Festival weekend base camping. A range of walks of various grades. various Lothar
2004 Feb 20-21 Relay for Life 24 hour team event to raise funds for cancer research   Dianne F
2004 Feb 28-29 GSWW: Glenelg River region, O/N backpacking from Murrells Camp to Simsons Landing. M/L-3-3 Janice/Mabel
2004 Mar 9 Club Night    
2004 Mar 12 SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Non progressive dinner. Italian. At Koroit. S-1-1 Steph
2004 Mar 14 Clean up Australia Day with the Killarney Coastcare group at Killarney Beach Reserve M-4-3 Karen & Linda
2004 Mar 20 Grampians. Sheep Hills Carpark to Bomjinna Campground M-7-7 Linda
2004 Mar 28 Walk Mt Sturgeon and the Picaninny. M-6-6 Marg/Di

Apr-Jun 2004 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2004 Apr 3-4 O/N backpacking. Cape Otway area incl Lighthouse, Rainbow Falls, etc. Treetop walk afterwards. M-3-3 Coralie
2004 Apr 9-11 Little Desert NP - base camping at Kiata campground   Karen
2004 Apr 13 Short club night followed by Pizza.    
2004 Apr 25 Lorne. Loop around waterfalls in the Sheoak Picnic area M-4-3 Lothar
2004 Apr 24-25 O/N backpacking. Brisbane Ranges.   Diane D
2004 May 4 Walk preparation for May 15-16 walk - TAFE library at 7pm   Heaton
2004 May 8 Grampians - Sundial to Halls Gap S-5-5 Linda
2004 May 11 Club Night with a talk by John Amor (Coastcare)    
2004 May 15-16 Milanesia Beach area. Designed as a first ever overnight walk. Meeting, a fortnight before to discuss packing a pack and other basics. S-2-2 Heaton
2004 May 23 Grampians. Mt Rosea area.   Coralie
2004 May 29-30 Beeripmo Walk:  Mount Cole State Forest and Mt Buangor State park, Suit beginner backpackers through interesting variety of vegetation and landforms. Mostly easy. M-3-3 Janice & Mabel
2004 Jun 8 Club Night.    
2004 Jun 12-14 Wyperfeld National Park. Q.B. weekend.   Mabel & Karen
2004 Jun 19-20 Halls Gap - YHA weekend. Various walks.   Steff & Linda
2004 Jun 27 Bike ride to Hopkins Falls.   Marg

Jul-Sep 2004 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2004 Jul 4 Part of GSWW: Mallee Camp to Portland. 16.5km. L-3-3 Mabel
2004 Jul 10-11 Dunkeld various walks   Marg
2004 Jul 13 Club Night. One Planet's Kevin Chappel to talk/demo gear afterwards    
2004 Jul 18-19 Rest days    
2004 Jul 24 Nelson area: Canyon walk to Nelson   Linda
2004 Jul 30-1 Wartook area. Cabins/camping. Various day walks. Various Linda
2004 Aug 7 Bike ride to Tower Hill - View magnificent wattles   Marg
2004 Aug 8 Glenfyne to Timboon along old railway line   Coralie
2004 Aug 10 Club Night, Kevin Chappel from One Planet    
2004 Aug 14-15 Designed as a first trackless bushwalk. Some scrambling, genuine bush walking but easy enough for beginners with almost no experience. S-4-4 Heaton
2004 Aug 21-22 Mount Difficult to Plantation M-7-6 Coralie
2004 Aug 26 Map reading - TAFE   Linda
2004 Aug 28-29 Melanesia walking west - Overnight hike hard Heaton
2004 Sep 2 Map reading - TAFE   Linda
2004 Sep 4 Map reading practical session   Linda
2004 Sep 5 Southern Grampians, Contact No - 0438 627 651 easy Anne
2004 Sep 11 12:00 Breakwater to the whales easy Helen A
2004 Sep 12 Womens Expo 10am - 4pm Emmanuel College   Dianne F
2004 Sep 14 Endeavours Restaurant   Stephanie
2004 Sep 18-29 Blue Mountains area various Karen & Linda
2004 Sep Hols 1 week on Heysen Trail   Heaton

Oct-Dec 2004 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2004 Oct 9-10 Nelson area. Base camp at Princess Margaret Rose Caves in cabin or tent. Livingstone's Island Nature Walk, Dry Creek Native Forest Reserve, Penambol Conservation Park, walk around PMR caves &/or do the loop there. S-3-3 Lothar
2004 Oct 12 Club Night    
2004 Oct 16-17 Major Mitchell Plateau   Mabel & Marg
2004 Oct 22 Dimboola (Warrnambool Theatre company) Social Linda
2004 Oct 23 Mt Abrupt; Myers open garden day   Dianne F
2004 Oct 31 Bomjinna area   Mabel
2004 Oct 29-31 Little Desert NP. Long W/E (Wbool Show)   Karen
2004 Nov 6-7 Buandik base camp   Linda
2004 Nov 9 Club Night    
2004 Nov 13-14 Skipton-Ballarat rail trail, Mooramong historic homestead, bandicoots, Mount Widderin lava cave and Mount Elephant. M-3-3 Janice
2004 Nov 21 Old Beechy line walk, Otway Fly walk, plus bakery in Lavers Hill. S-3-3 Lothar
2004 Nov 27-28 Borough Huts base camp. Day walks Sat:L-5-4. Sun:?? Linda & Marg
2004 Nov 30 Tuesday evening: Middle Island walk. S-3-4 Lothar
2004 Dec 3,4,5 Christmas Party - Dunkeld Bunk House   Coralie
2004 Dec 14 BBQ 6:30pm Martins Point, Port Fairy. S-1-1  
2004 Dec 31-1 Friday-Saturday at Dunkeld. Camp at the Dunkeld campground. Festivities Friday night in main street. Saturday 4am walk to the Piccininny to see the sunrise. Other walks planned: Arboretum, Mt Sturgeon, Mt Abrupt, and more! various Marg