Activities for 2006:

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Jan-Mar 2006 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2006 Jan 8 Old Beechy Rail Trail from Beech Forest to Gellibrand M/L-5-4 Lothar
2006 Jan 15 Griffiths Island walk and Tide & Time cafe. S-3-3 Linda
2006 Feb 3 Izzy's Restaurant, Dunkeld.   Marg
2006 Feb 5 Allambee Beek Circuit with the Otway Ranges Walking Track Association.   Lothar
2006 Feb 12 Mt Sturgeon day walk. S-7-7 Lothar
2006 Feb 14 Club night.    
2006 Feb 15 Relay for Life - Fashion Parade fundraiser.   Mabel
2006 Feb 17-18 Relay for Life. 7pm Friday to 1pm Saturday   Di
2006 Feb 19 Killarney to Port Fairy  M-4-4 Lothar
2006 Feb 25 Proudfoots to Gauls Cave & return.   Marg
2006 Feb 26 Cappuccino walk: Proudfoots to the Breakwater & return   Lothar
2006 Mar 1-14+ Great South West Walk. Do the whole lot or do day walks.   Mike J or Mary BJ
2006 Mar 4-5 GSWW: Drive up Saturday, camp at Moleside. Day walk Sunday: Moleside to Murrells Camp.   Linda & Mary BJ
2006 Mar 5 Clean Up Australia Day. Meet at the Wangoom Store.   Coralie
2006 Mar 14 Club night.    
2006 Mar 18 Black Range. 1 km backpacking with steep ascent. Sleep in large cave - tent not required. Walk along Black Range ridge.   Coralie

Apr-Jun 2006 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2006 Apr 1-2 Saturday: Moggs Creek - Aireys Inlet Loop; Sunday: in and around Colac   Di F & Di D
2006 Apr 8 or 9 Track Maintenance, Venus Baths area, Halls Gap.    
2006 Apr 9 Barongarook to Gellibrand - Old Beechy Rail Trail M-3-3 John M
2006 Apr 11 Club night.    
2006 Apr 14-15 Grampians. Troopers Creek start/end. Mt Difficult to Briggs Bluff M-8-8 Coralie
2006 Apr 22 Cappuccino walk: Tower Hill to Koroit. S-3-3 Linda
2006 May 6 Cappuccino walk: Otways - Melba Gully and Glow worms. O/N camping is possible   Helen
2006 May 7 Otways: Apollo Bay area   Alan
2006 May 9 Club night.    
2006 May 12-14 Grampians track repair. Camp at Buandik Friday night. Track maintenance at the Fortress, return to Buandik. Sunday, travel to the Chimney Pots to cut a new track.   Linda
2006 May 19 WRAD There's more to Life! Expo promotion.   Lothar
2006 May 20-21 Blackwood base camp. With Ballarat Bushwalking and Outdoor club   Di F
2006 May 28 Lake Gillear to Childers Cove. M-5-5 Lothar
2006 Jun 3 Broadway variety review. Fundraising for Relay For Life.   Heather & Lothar
2006 Jun 13 Club night. Demo of the new Foodsaver Vacuum Packager. Also walks planning night.    
2006 Jun 37454 Flinders Ranges. Various walks/grades. Parts of the Heysen Trail. various Linda
2006 Jun 18 Mt Sturgeon, etc S-7-7 Marg
2006 Jun 25 Mt Eccles   Di F
2006 Jun 28/29 Midweek offtrack walking in The Grampians   Coralie

Jul-Sep 2006 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2006 Jul 9 Childers Cove area S-6-6 Lothar
2006 Jul 11 Club night.    
2006 Jul 14 Relay for Life film night - March of the Penguins.   Lothar
2006 Jul 23 Childers Cove to Flaxmans Hill M-6-6 Lothar
2006 Jul 28-30 Great Ocean Walk. O/N backpacking. Johanna West.   Heaton
2006 Aug 2 Midweek - Flaxmans Hill to Peterborough M-6-6 Lothar
2006 Aug 4-6 Combined activities with Ballarat Bushwalking and Outdoor Club. Saturday: walk around Childers Cove. Sunday: from Proudfoots to Gauls Cave.   Di F
2006 Aug 8 Club night. Flinders Ranges "Show and Tell".    
2006 Aug 13 Tower Hill Wattle walk. S-4-4 Lothar
2006 Aug 27 Enfield day walk. M-5-5 Di F
2006 Sep 1-7 Complete Great Ocean Walk. L-7-7 Michael J
2006 Sep 2-3 Beeripmo O/N   Di F & Di D
2006 Sep 8-9 Grampians: Track Maintenance   Linda
2006 Sep 12 No Club Night, dinner instead at the Endeavours Restaurant   Mike&Liz
2006 Sep 23-24 Grampians O/N   Di D
2006 Sep 30 Around Griffiths Island and return to Time & Tide Gallery S-3-4 Linda

Oct-Dec 2006 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2006 Oct 1 Open garden and BBQ at Mike & Liz   Liz&Mike
2006 Oct 10 Club night.    
2006 Oct 14-15 Mt Difficult/Briggs Bluff. Friday night camp at Troopers Creek.   Coralie
2006 Oct 27-29 Wilsons Prom - stay at the Lighthouse or base camp at Tidal River   Linda
2006 Nov 3-5 Grampians - Mount Thackery.   Di D
2006 Nov 7 Tuesday night walk from Granny's Grave to Middle Island   Lothar
2006 Nov 11 Glenelg River Gorge S/M-4-4 Helen
2006 Nov 14 Annual General Meeting    
2006 Nov 15 Warrnambool Walkers Relay for Life Team. "Blue Illusions" fashion parade    
2006 Nov 25 - 26 Great Ocean Walk from Cape Otway Lighthouse to Johanna Beach. M-7-7 Mabel
2006 Dec 2-3 Annual Christmas breakup weekend.  Venue: PMRC   Mike/Liz
2006 Dec 12 BBQ replaces Club Night, at Martins Point in Port Fairy.   Mike/Liz