Activities for 2007:

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Jan-Mar 2007 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2007 Jan 1-15 Pine Valley, Tasmania. M-8-8 John L
2007 Jan 21 MS Challenge - Killarney Beach to Warrnambool   Linda
2007 Feb 9-11 Halls Gap Jazz Festival. Boronia Peak on Saturday after the parade and Chatauqua Peak   Lothar
2007 Feb 13 Club night.    
2007 Feb 16-17 Relay for Life.   Lothar
2007 Feb 24 Day walk: Beeripmo loop.   Coralie
2007 Mar 4 Clean Up Australia. Wangoom   Coralie
2007 Mar 13 Club night.    
2007 Mar 17-18 Johanna to Moonlight Head. 19.2km. M/H Mabel
2007 Mar 24-25 O/N backpacking. Suitable for beginners. Thunder Point to Port Fairy, O/N at Killarney.   Marg
2007 Mar 30 Tower Hill. BBQ at 6pm followed by night walk   Liz

Apr-Jun 2007 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2007 Apr 1 Terang to Mt Noorat return L-7-3 Doug M
2007 Apr 7 Wigandia property open day + walks   Marg
2007 Apr 8 Mt Abrupt day walk.   Ken
2007 Apr 9 Mt Sturgeon day walk    
2007 Apr 14-15 Halls Gap - walks in the area various  
2007 Apr 22 Day walk at Mt Eccles. Easy Di F
2007 Apr 25 Anzac Day. To Great Western to see the Scarecrow display + walks   Marg
2007 Apr 29 Walk with the Geelong Club. Anglesea area.   John M
2007 May 5-6 Bushwalking behind Lorne.: see many waterfalls around the Sheoak picnic area. M-6-4 Lothar
2007 May 8 Club night. Guest speaker: John Sutherland, President of Friends of Tower Hill.    
2007 May 12 Day walk at Mt Staplyton.   Linda
2007 May 15 BBQ lunch at Tower Hill with the Friends of Tower Hill followed by working bee    
2007 May 25- 27 Vicwalk Track maintenance - Halls Gap - Boronia Peak.   Linda
2007 Jun 2 Progressive Dinner. Michael J's place to Koroit Botanic Gardens to Linda & Irene's place.   Liz H
2007 Jun 12 Club night    
2007 Jun 17 Fortress/Mt Thackeray Hard Coralie
2007 Jun 23-24 You Yangs - Flinders Peak. Serendip Sanctuary. Mt Rothwell (Little River Earth Sanctuary)   Peter

Jul-Sep 2007 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2007 Jul 1 GSWW: Cape Nelson Lighthouse to Portland   Marg
2007 Jul 15 Tower Hill Wattles walk. Plus a BBQ! Plus the Friends of Tower Hillhave working bee in pm   Liz
2007 Jul 17 Endeavours Restaurant   Mike&Liz
2007 Jul 21-22 Wartook weekend. Camp at Mt Emu Holiday Park.   Steff
2007 Jul 28 Boardwalk, Warrnambool. With the Camperdown walkers.   Doris
2007 Aug 5 The new Pinnacle walk at Halls Gap. M-5-5 Di F
2007 Aug 41984 Overnight walk in the Mount Thackery area Medium DiD&DiF
2007 Aug 14 Club night.    
2007 Aug 18-19 TBA. Somewhere with a few hills!   Lothar
2007 Aug 25-26 Penola bike ride weekend   Steff
2007 Sep 1-2 O/N Briggs Bluff/Mt Difficult area MedHard Coralie
2007 Sep 8-9 Glenelg River   Steff
2007 Sep 11 Club night.    
2007 Sep 16 Mt Sturgeon, Piccaninny, Mt Abrupt   Di F
2007 Sep 22-30 Great Ocean Walk - end to end, &/or day walks to suit on weekends   Linda

Oct-Dec 2007 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2007 Oct 7 Grampians - Mt Staplyton loop.   Linda
2007 Oct 7-7nov NEPAL. Jomsom Trek and Annapurna Sanctuary. Use porters, stay in Tea Houses. M-8-7 Lothar
2007 Oct 9 Club night    
2007 Oct 14 A 10 km walk at the Long Forest Nature Reserve, Bacchus Marsh. S/M-5-4 John M
2007 Oct 21 Mt Mystery walk. Long and hard.   Coralie
2007 Oct 27 Enfield   Di F
2007 Nov 10 Cape Bridgewater to Cape Nelson Lighthouse   Linda
2007 Nov 13 Club night.    
2007 Nov 25 12 Apostles to Princetown return   Coralie
2007 Dec 1-2 Christmas breakup.  Canoe down Glenelg River one day, O/N+BBQ at Paestan Canoe Hire   Peter
2007 Dec 11 BBQ replaces Club Night at Lake Pertobe.   Mike/Liz
2007 Dec 19-22 Great Ocean Walk Johanna to Princetown   Linda