Forms and lists

The   pdfactivity booking sheet (or a Word version of itdocxactivity booking sheet ) is used:

  • by prospective leaders to send details of a proposed activity to the Secretary
  • by leaders to record bookings for an activity
  • by leaders to record the participants' emergency contact details before or at the start of an activity

If there is a serious incident on an activity, the leader must fill in an pdfIncident Report Form.

You should record your personal medical and next of kin details on a form like pdfthis or docthis and carry it in your pack, typically in the top pocket. It will only be accessed in a case of emergency to yourself on an activity.

Store your emergency contact details as a cookie on your computer and/or create an email with your contact details to a trip leader.

pdfRules of association for the Warrnambool Bushwalkers

pdfMembership form or an electronic membership renewal form