Some photos of our activities

Being on the coast, we do many beach walks

Warrnambool to Port Fairy and back by bus

Sometimes there's more than beach to see

Sometimes a bit more beach would be useful

We climb mountains ... Mt Abrupt track clearing

Volcanic sites like this Byaduk lava course provide good day walks

We might spend a day walking in the leech forests of the Otways

Returning to our jail cell after a day's stroll on Maria Island

Occasionally we pedal to Port Fairy along the rail trail for a coffee

... or along the Timboon trail, thinking mudguards anybody

We do overnight walks - 10 days around King Island's coast

The two days walking on Lake Corangamite's mud were "interesting"

The Larapinta Trail was our longest overnight walk for a few years

... a second Larapinta picture because it was so great

Camping by the car for a week in the Flinders Ranges ...

... the camp's down there somewhere

Wyperfeld National Park is a good place for a ...

... base camp with lots of day walks to do

Ditto for the Great South West Walk ...

after the Glenelg River's morning mist is gone

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