Activities for 2001


Jan–Mar 2001 activities
Date Activity Grade Leader
  They seem to have gone walkabout    


Apr–Jun 2001 activities
Date Activity Grade Leader
2001 Apr 7-8 All Peaks Challenge S-9-9 Herb
2001 Apr 8 Lake Elizabeth day walk. Otways. S-3-3 Steff
2001 Apr 10 Club night. Killarney Reserve.    
2001 Apr Easter (1) Dunkeld base camping   (1) Marg
2001 Apr Easter (2) Wyperfeld National Park.   (2) Tony
2001 Apr 22 Wild Dog Falls. Otways. S-7-8 Diane
2001 Apr 25 Anzac Day. Bike ride to Childers Cove. Or drive there! Picnic, etc. L-5-2 Marg
2001 Apr 28 Annual Progressive dinner. Dress with a French theme.   Judy
2001 May 6 Second leg of Great South West Walk   Linda & Irene
2001 May 8 Club night.    
2001 May 10 Starting today! Weekly bike rides! Starts at Marg's place, ride 20-50km in length. Bring petty cash (for Cappuccino rest stops), raincoat & sunscreen. For wet Thursdays, drive to nearby town or feature & have picnic lunch & walk   Marg
2001 May 13 Timboon to Glenfyne along old railway track   Coralie
2001 May 26-27 Backpacking. Brisbane Ranges   Diane
2001 June 2 All Peaks Challenge S-9-9 Herb
2001 June 9-11 Nelson Base Camp. Parts of Great South West Walk   Linda & Irene
2001 June 12 Club night. Borai Hoelsktra physiotherapist discussing Ailments and preparation ideas for walks and hiking    
2001 June 15 Local ½ day walk Shelly Beach Coastal Area   Anne
2001 June 16-17 Rogaining Daylesford 2X6hr with the Rogaining Association of Victoria   Steff
2001 June 23-24 Dunkeld Base Camp day or weekend Mt Sturgeon, Mt Abrupt possibly Roses Gap   Ken & Marg
2001 June 29 Bike ride to Framlingham, The Sisters, & Ellerslie. Bring Lunch   Coralie
2001 June 30-1 Major Mitchell Plateau, Grampians   Marg


   Jul–Sep 2001 activities
Date Activity Grade Leader
2001 July 1-7 Blue Mountains (Six Foot Track) 3 days walk. 46km. . MedHard Linda & Irene
2001 July 10 Club night.    
2001 July 16 Local ½ day walk Griffiths Island, Port Fairy   Anne
2001 July 15 Family Day b.b.q and photo trail Lake Pertobe. Walk along beach   Steff
2001 July 21 Borella Walk Chinamans Camping Ground to Ben Nevis near Warak (20km East of Ararat.) Half Day Walk on DNRE walking track.   John
2001 Aug 4-5 Base Camp Halls Gap Re-visit Federation Walks   Marg
2001 Aug 12 Day Walk Lorne Area - Sheoak Falls/Castle Rock/Henderson Falls M-7-4 Lothar
2001 Aug 14 Club night   Lothar
2001 Aug 18-19 Christmas in August. Picnic Lunch. Walk around Tower Hill in the afternoon. 3-course dinner in the evening.    
2001 Aug 26 Navigation Day/Night – Compass and map Reading. Re-visit the Basics   Herb
2001 Sep 2 Bike ride   Coralie
2001 Sep 8-9 Grampians   Steff
2001 Sep 11 Club night. Preparing for Hikes from food to First aid requirements    
2001 Sep 16 Rogaining Training Session (location to be advised)   Steff
2001 Sep 20-30 Flinders Ranges Base Camp/ Day Walks S-4-3 Lothar
2001 Sep 29-30 Briggs Bluff – Plantation Hike Med/Hard Coralie


Oct–Dec 2001 activities  
Date Activity Grade Leader
2001 Oct 5-6 Rogaining Mt Disappointment Base Camp   Steff
2001 Oct 7 Day walk, Lorne area M-6-3 Lothar
2001 Oct 9 Club night    
2001 Oct 12-13 Day walk Major Mitchell Plateau, Grampians. L-7-7 Marg
2001 Oct 13 Half day local walk. Meet picnic area, Killarney S-2-2 Anne
2001 Oct 20-21 Mt Langi Ghiran backpacking. Beginners welcome S-4-5 Tony
2001 Oct 25-28 Wilsons Prom.Tidal River, Sealer's Cove, Refuge Cove, Waterloo Bay. M-6-5 Lothar
2001 Nov 4 Half day bushwalk at Devondale (around Simpson area). S-5-7 John
2001 Nov 10-11 Lerderderg Gorge. Bacchus Marsh area. M-7-4 Diane
2001 Nov 11 Nepal 2002 meeting #2 @ 7pm. Annapurna slides; packs/gear; training schedule   Lothar
2001 Nov 13 AGM    
2001 Nov 17-18 Pyrenees Walk, Amphitheatre/Elmhurst, between Avoka and Ararat. S-7-5 John
2001 Nov 24-2 Bicycle Victoria ride. Rutherglen to Lilydale.    
2001 Dec 11 Meeting/BBQ at Martin's Point, Pt Fairy. Walk around Griffith Island.    
2001 Dec 15-16 Christmas Break-Up at Lake Monibeong.   Judy
2001 Dec 28-30 28th: Tarragul to The Springs (12km). 29th: to the Blowholes, Cape Bridgewater & the seals, and Trewalla (15km). 30th: to Cape Nelson Lighthouse (15km). M-5-5 Lothar