Activities for 2003


Jan–Mar 2003 activities
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Jan 5 Port Fairy to Warrnambool walk along the beach. L-2-4 Lothar
2003 Jan 12 Breakwater to Hopkins River and return along walkway S-2-2 Lothar
2003 Jan 19 Port Fairy. 6pm BBQ then Griffiths Island walk. View Mutton birds at dusk. S-2-2 Lothar
2003 Jan 25-7 Grampians W/E base camping Halls Gap. M-5-3 Marg & Mabel
2003 Feb 2 Aire River to Cape Otway Light House via Rainbow Falls M-4-4 Lothar
2003 Feb 4 Visit to Middle Island to see the Fairy Penguins.   Lothar/Marg
2003 Feb 8-9 Halls Gap Jazz Festival weekend base camping. various Lothar
2003 Feb 11 Club night. Venue - Seal in Hyland St.    
2003 Feb 14 Relay for Life sponsor night. TAFE Library, 7pm   Lothar
2003 Feb 15 Relay for Life Garage Sale @ Marg & Ken's place. Drop PRICED articles off ASAP.   Marg
2003 Feb 16 Walk up one or both Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt.   Irene/Mabel  /Marg
2003 Feb 21-2 24 hr Cancer Council Relay for Life 6pm Friday to 6pm Sat   Mabel
2003 Feb 22 Bike ride. Koroit countryside   Anne
2003 Mar 1-2 Otways waterfalls w/e   Coralie
2003 Mar 2 Clean up Australia Day. at the Killarney Beach Carpark.    Diane Fraser
2003 Mar 11 Club night.    
2003 Mar 15 Saturday . Teddy Bear Gap.   Karen
2003 Mar 22-3 Apollo Bay area Barham River Falls; Mariners Lookout   Doris
2003 Mar 25 Risk Management workshop.    
2003 Mar 30 Bike Ride. Meet at Koroit Botanical Gardens   Anne


Apr–Jun 2003 activities
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Apr 6 Old Beechy line, visit Otway Estate, circuit walk along the old Beechy railway line, then to Laver's Hill   Lothar
2003 Apr 8 Club night. Heaton to organise a special Risk Management feature.    
2003 Apr 13 Timboon Cheese walk. Glenfyne to Timboon via the disused railway line.   Coralie
2003 Apr 17-23 Easter walking  trip to Kangaroo Island   Dianne F
2003 Apr 25-27 Glenelg River Walk/Canoe/camping trip. Moleside to Pritchard's Friday; to Forest Camp South Saturday; to Sapling Creek Sunday.   Linda/Irene
2003 May 2-4 Daylesford Swiss/Italian festival.   Dianne F
2003 May 8 Endeavours Restaurant at TAFE   Stephanie
2003 May 10-11 Northern Grampians - Wartook. O/N cabin(s) or camp. Day walks   Linda
2003 May 13 Club night. Plan walks for July-September. Risk Management procedures    
2003 May 17 Mahogony Walk from Levi's Car Park to Commercial Hotel in Koroit.   Linda
2003 May 23-25 Waterfall focus - to Allenvale (back of Lorne). Off/On track, overnight backpacking. M-7-7 Heaton
2003 May 31 Long day walk in Grampians   Linda
2003 Jun 1 Women's Expo, showgrounds. WW Stall displaying equipment, etc   Lothar
2003 Jun 41889 Queen's Birthday W/E: Wyperfeld National Park. Various walks of various grades.   Lothar
2003 Jun 10 Club night.    
2003 Jun 14-15 Grampians. Roses Gap and beyond O/N walk. A genuine medium walk from Roses Gap to Plantation Campground visiting Briggs Bluff along the way. M-6-6 Diane D
2003 Jun 21-22 Winter Solstice bike weekend, Dunkeld area. Luxury cabins, Fancy Dress, etc.   Coralie
2003 Jun 28 Cappuccino walk. Breakwater to Proudfoots and return.   Helen


   Jul–Sep 2003 activities
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Jul Larapinta Trail, NT. Various grades & options from O/N backpacking to day walks to escorted walks. 1-3 weeks. various Coralie & Linda
2003 Jul 6 Mystery walk!   Karen
2003 Jul 8 Walk from The Flume to Proudfoots Boat House, dinner, and return.    
2003 Aug 3 Killarney to Port Fairy and back M-3-3 Karen
2003 Aug 9-10 Base camping. Sat: Lake Bellfield to Borough Huts (Easy). Sun: Tunnel track (Medium)   Diane D
2003 Aug 12 Club night. First Aid. Photos - Ron    
2003 Aug 16 Tower Hill Wattle walk. S-3-3 Lothar
2003 Aug 17 Mt Difficult day walk. M-7-7 Dianne F
2003 Aug 17 Half Marathon - Koroit to Warrnambool along road. L-1-1 Marg
2003 Aug 23-24 Mt Dundas M-5-6 Heaton
2003 Aug 29-31 Camping Expo at the Table Tennis Stadium.   Dianne F
2003 Aug 29 Pizza night at Terry & Shirley's place.   Shirley/Terry
2003 Sep 7 Cobden to Botanical Gardens Camperdown L-3-3 Doris
2003 Sep 9 Club night. Walk planning night.    
2003 Sep 13-14 Grampians - Major Mitchell Plateau, O/N backpacking M-8-7 Marg
2003 Sep 20-21 Halls Gap, base camping. Sat: Medium walk with Linda. Sun: easy walk around Mafeking   Linda & Anne
2003 Sep 27-28 Nelson area, base camping ; Princes Margaret Rose caves; North Nelson Track S-3-3, Liz & Mike


Oct–Dec 2003 activities  
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Oct 4-5 Penola Winery weekend   Linda&Irene
2003 Oct 11 Otways: Carlisle - Gellibrand area. On tracks with steep hills. L-8-2 Andrew
2003 Oct 14 Club night. Walk planning night - for 2004.    
2003 Oct 19 Mt Sturgeon M-6-6 Marg/Dianne F
2003 Oct 23-26 Wilsons Prom.   Linda
2003 Nov 1 Coralie's 50th Birthday party.   Diane D
2003 Nov 2 West Barham tall trees walk near Apollo Bay   John
2003 Nov 8 Bike ride to Childers Cove   Marg
2003 Nov 9 Port Fairy to Warrnambool walk L-2-2 Karen
2003 Nov 11 Annual General Meeting, talk by John Amor on Coast Care    
2003 Nov 15-16 Grampians O/N walks. Boroka lookout area M-7-7 Coralie
2003 Nov 16 Friends of Tower Hill are organising a walk from Castle Cove to Johanna Beach.    Karen
2003 Nov 23 Grampians day walk M-6-5 Linda
2003 Nov 25 Tuesday: Walk from Granny's Grave to Middle Island and return to see the Penguins.    
2003 Nov 30 Mt Noorat, Mt Leura and Sugarloaf   Doris
2003 Dec 6-7 XMas breakup weekend at Monibeong.   Steff
2003 Dec 6 GSWW Bridgewater Lakes to Cape Bridgewater kiosk M-6-2 Linda
2003 Dec 9 Club night at Martins Point, Port Fairy.    
2003 Dec 11 Walk from the Flume to Proudfoots Boathouse. Have dinner    Lothar
2003 Dec 27-29 GSWW. O/N back packing or base camping possible   Lothar