Application for and renewal of membership

An online application form is on this page. You may prefer to print the pdf version and fill it in.

One important thing to note before you start filling in the form: 

For insurance purposes members must confirm that they accept the conditions of membership and acknowledge the risks involved in walking and similar activities. If there are two of you, we're sorry but each of you must do this and so each must fill in this form. However, you can pay for both memberships with one transaction.

If your application has all the required information, a green "Thank you" message will replace the form after you press the "Please ..." button. The application request will not be sent until all the required information has been entered. 

Our preferred method of payment is by electronic transfer to

  • Warrnambool Bushwalkers
  • BSB:    803 073
  • Account: 1 0000 1283


You must accept the membership conditions otherwise the application will not be sent.

Conditions of membership

  • Members are expected to adhere to "common law".
  • Members are expected to show respect and courtesy to fellow participants.
  • Members shall support the purposes of the Club and adhere to its pdfRules of Association.
  • Breaches may lead to expulsion from the Club.

Conditions to participate in an activity

  • You must acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these conditions, and that you will take full responsibility for your own actions. Non-members do this for each activity by signing the booking sheet or submitting an electronic booking. Members do this once a year in their membership application/renewal.
  • People signing up for any Club activity should understand that the Club, its leaders and organisers are not responsible for any injury, loss or damage suffered by anyone participating in any Club activity.
  • It is your responsibility to disclose to the leader fitness concerns, medical conditions, disabilities or injuries, which may affect your ability to complete the activity or may hinder the progress of the group.
  • A dependent person (ie 16 years and under, or unable to independently undertake the activity safely) must be accompanied by an adult responsible for that person.
  • You should be aware that the activity may expose yourself to risks that could lead to injury, illness or death or to loss of or damage to your property. These risks include, but are not limited to, slippery and/or uneven walking surfaces, rocks being dislodged, sharp/overhanging rocks or vegetation, falling trees/branches, swimming, diving, submerged logs and rocks, shallow and/or cloudy water, hypothermia, strong currents, snakes, sun/heat related problems, unclean/contaminated drinking water, etc.
  • You must ensure that the activity is within your capabilities, and that you carry enough food, water, clothing and equipment appropriate for the activity. New members may be required to go on an approved day walk before they can participate in overnight or extended walks.
  • The leader has the right to refuse persons access to the activity.
  • All participants should follow directions given by the leader and should not leave the group without the leader's consent.