Activities for 2002:

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Jan-Mar 2002 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2002 Jan 6 Bridgewater Bay to Petrified Forest (return) S/M-3-3 Lothar
2002 Jan 12 Tower Hill walk. S-4-3 Lothar
2002 Jan 13 Port Fairy toWarrnambool along beach. L/X-2-4 Lothar
2002 Jan 20 Cape Otway to Aire River (or reverse) M-4-4 Lothar
2002 Jan 27-28 Cape Nelson Lighthouse to Cubby's Camp L-4-3 Marg
2002 Feb 3 Dunkeld: Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt. S/M-5-5 Lothar
2002 Feb 9-10 Halls Gap base camping/cabining. Various walks. Grampians Jazz Festival. various Lothar
2002 Feb 12 Club night.    
2002 Feb 17 Lorne area: waterfalls, canyon, Castle Rock, etc. M-4-3 Lothar
2002 Feb 23-24 Halls Gap base camping/cabining. Various walks. various Lothar
2002 Mar 3 Cappuccino walk. Yacht Club/Surf Club/Lake Pertobe area. S-1-1 Helen
2002 Mar 10 Sandy Ridge Track walk to Parker Hill (+/- the coastal walk)   Andrew
2002 Mar 16 Bike ride. Framlingham and surrounds.   Coralie
2002 Mar 23-24 Yuulong to Johanna (Western Otways). O/N camp at endpoint M-7-5 John
2002 Mar Easter Possibly Carlisle State Park.    

Apr-Jun 2002 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2002 Apr 6-7 Mt Langi Ghiran M-7-5 Tony
2002 Apr 20-21 Grampians O/N backpacking or 2 x daywalks. From Borough Huts to Mt Rosea campground, and then next day to Halls Gap via the Pinnacle. M-7-6 Lothar
2002 Apr 27 Walk around Koroit area, about 10-11km. Koroit Irish Festival. S/M-2-2 Sandra
2002 May 4-5 Great South West Walk, combined walk with Camperdown Walkers. Forest Camp, Gorge walk. O/N at Pattersons   Graeme & Marg
2002 May 11-12 Lerderderg Gorge. O/N backpack M-6-6 Diane
2002 May 13+ Heysen Trail   Heaton
2002 May 14 Club night    
2002 May 18-19 Daylesford area. Base camp at Jubilee Lake S-2-2 Steff
2002 May 25-26 Great South West Walk, Moleside to Post & Rail (10km), P&R to Pattersons (17km). O/N backpack or base camp or 2 day walks. L-4-3 Marg
2002 May 26 30km bike ride. Wangoom circuit.   Ann
2002 Jun 1 Progressive Dinner. Australian theme.   Sandra
2002 Jun 8-9 Wannon Gorge, off Major Mitchell Plateau, Grampians S-8-8 Herb
2002 Jun 8-10 Queens Birthday w/e: Grampians - easier than Herb's walk   Steff
2002 Jun 8-10 Queens Birthday w/e: Wyperfeld. Base camping. Various short walks. S-3-3 Lothar
2002 Jun 11 Club night:    
2002 Jun 16 Walk from back of Simpson to Gelibrand River, return (8-9Km). S-4-3 John
2002 Jun 22 Near Carlisle State Park L-4-2 Diane
2002 Jun 29-30 O/N backpacking. The Fortress, Grampians M-4-3 Ron

Jul-Sep 2002 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2002 Jul 6 Tower Hill Wattle walk S-3-3 Lothar
2002 Jul 7 Walk to Gauls Cave from Logans Beach (9-10km) S-6-6 Coralie
2002 Jul 9 Club night. 7:30pm, TAFE Library, Kepler St    
2002 Jul 10 Wednesday: we're looking at starting mid-week walks. If you're interested please contact me. Today we're doing Mt Abrupt   Lothar
2002 Jul 13-14 O/N backpack, Blacks Range North (NW Grampians) investigation walk. Some off track requiring navigation. S-7-7 Heaton
2002 Jul 13 GSWW: Bridgewater Lakes to Cape Bridgewater. M/L-4-3 Lothar
2002 Jul 17 Wednesday mid-week walk. Mt Sturgeon & The Piccaninny. 4hrs.   Mike
2002 Jul 20 Lorne area. eg Lorne township, beach area & surrounds O/N Lorne area S-3-3 Doris
2002 Jul 21 Lorne area. eg Sheoak Picnic area, figure 8 walk. M-6-6 Lothar
2002 Jul 24 Wednesday mid-week walk.   Mike
2002 Jul 27-28 O/N camp in Nelson area. Walk, snorkel (at Ewan Ponds), fish, canoe combo. S-3-3 Steff
2002 Jul 31 Wednesday mid-week walk.   Mike
2002 Aug 3 Mt Sturgeon, 2.5hrs & Teddy Bear Gap loop. 8km, 2.5hrs. O/N Jimmy's Ck or Dunkeld. S-6-6 Lothar
2002 Aug 4 Jimmy's Ck to Stockyard Saddle return, 13Km, 6hrs. Combined walk with Camperdown Walkers. M-7-7 Lothar
2002 Aug 7 Wednesday mid-week walk.   Mike/Lothar
2002 Aug 10 Mt Sturgeon & The Piccaninny. 4hrs. O/N Dunkeld or Wannon Crossing or return to Warrnambool S-7-7 Lothar
2002 Aug 11 Mt Abrupt. S-8-8 Mike/Lothar
2002 Aug 13 Club night. Afterwards, a "mystery walk". BYO torch.    
2002 Aug 14 Wednesday mid-week walk.   Mike
2002 Aug 17 Grampians Garden loop: Wonderland CP, the Pinnacle, Turret Falls. 3-4hrs, 7km. O/N Halls Gap, Borough Huts, etc S-7-7 Lothar
2002 Aug 18 Mt William, from Sheep Hills CP, return. 16km, 6-7hrs or car shuffle near top. L-8-8 Lothar
2002 Aug 18 Warrnambool Athletic Club Half Marathon, Koroit to Warrnambool. Walk 21.6km.   Marg
2002 Aug 21 Wednesday mid-week walk.   Mike
2002 Aug 24 The Chimney Pots. 3hrs, 3km. O/N Dunkeld or Buandik S-7-7 Lothar
2002 Aug 25 The Fortress. 15-17km, 6-8hrs L-8-8 Lothar
2002 Aug 28 Wednesday mid-week walk.   Mike
2002 Aug Aug31-Sep1 Base camp at Ferntree Waterfalls in Mt Buangor State Park. M-7-4 Sandra
2002 Sep 7 Mt Zero & Hollow Mountain. S-4-4 Lothar
2002 Sep 8 Troopers Creek to Beehive Falls (via Mt Difficult & Briggs Bluff). 20km, 7-8 hrs. Alternative: MacKenzie Falls loop L-8-8 &/or S-3-3 Coralie; Linda & Steff
2002 Sep 10 Dinner at the Endeavours TAFE Restaurant ; Club night   Lothar
2002 Sep 14-15 O/N camp in Nelson area. Walk, snorkel (at Ewan Ponds), fish, canoe combo. S-3-3 Steff
2002 Sep 21-22 O/N backpacking. Blacks Range South. Mostly off track. S-7-7 Heaton
2002 Sep 21 GSWW: Pattersons Canoe Camp to Nelson (20K). L-4-3 Marg

Oct-Dec 2002 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2002 Oct 6 Stay in Ballarat on Sat. night. Sun: Walk in Werribee Gorge with Ballarat Walkers S-6-5 Di Fraser
2002 Oct 9 Club night    
2002 Oct 12-13 Nelson to Monibeong. O/N backpacking or long day walk about 23 km L-5-5 Marg
2002 Oct 18-20 VicWalk Federation Weekend. 20 walks of different grades, Lorne area.    
2002 Oct 25-27 Wyperfeld. Base camping. Various grades. Bring bicycles if you want, camp ovens, etc S/M-4-3 Lothar
2002 Nov 2-3 Mepunga to Bay of Islands. O/N backpacking   Diane
2002 Nov 10 Kings Track off Gelibrand River. 14km. M-5-3 John
2002 Nov 12 AGM. Mabel presenting a presentation of her 4WD trip to the Simpson Desert    
2002 Nov 16 Mt Eccles.   Karen.
2002 Nov 24 Princetown to Moonlight Heads along Old Coach Rd. M-3-3 Coralie
2002 Nov 30-1 Daylesford area. Wombat State Park, and St Erth - poppy and lupin show. S-3-3  Sandra
2002 Dec 7-8 Great South West Walk. 2 days along beach at low tide. O/N at Lake Monibeong Sat night.   Lothar
2002 Dec 7-8 Xmas breakup at Monibeong.    
2002 Dec 10 Last meeting for the year - at Tower Hill.    
2002 Dec 28-30 Bridgewater Lakes and Portland. Part of the GSWW. M-5-5 Lothar