Activities for 2003:

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Jan-Mar 2003 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Jan 5 Port Fairy to Warrnambool walk along the beach. L-2-4 Lothar
2003 Jan 12 Breakwater to Hopkins River and return along walkway S-2-2 Lothar
2003 Jan 19 Port Fairy. 6pm BBQ then Griffiths Island walk. View Mutton birds at dusk. S-2-2 Lothar
2003 Jan 25-7 Grampians W/E base camping Halls Gap. M-5-3 Marg & Mabel
2003 Feb 2 Aire River to Cape Otway Light House via Rainbow Falls M-4-4 Lothar
2003 Feb 4 Visit to Middle Island to see the Fairy Penguins.   Lothar/Marg
2003 Feb 8-9 Halls Gap Jazz Festival weekend base camping. various Lothar
2003 Feb 11 Club night. Venue - Seal in Hyland St.    
2003 Feb 14 Relay for Life sponsor night. TAFE Library, 7pm   Lothar
2003 Feb 15 Relay for Life Garage Sale @ Marg & Ken's place. Drop PRICED articles off ASAP.   Marg
2003 Feb 16 Walk up one or both Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt.   Irene/Mabel  /Marg
2003 Feb 21-2 24 hr Cancer Council Relay for Life 6pm Friday to 6pm Sat   Mabel
2003 Feb 22 Bike ride. Koroit countryside   Anne
2003 Mar 1-2 Otways waterfalls w/e   Coralie
2003 Mar 2 Clean up Australia Day. at the Killarney Beach Carpark.    Diane Fraser
2003 Mar 11 Club night.    
2003 Mar 15 Saturday . Teddy Bear Gap.   Karen
2003 Mar 22-3 Apollo Bay area Barham River Falls; Mariners Lookout   Doris
2003 Mar 25 Risk Management workshop.    
2003 Mar 30 Bike Ride. Meet at Koroit Botanical Gardens   Anne

Apr-Jun 2003 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Apr 6 Old Beechy line, visit Otway Estate, circuit walk along the old Beechy railway line, then to Laver's Hill   Lothar
2003 Apr 8 Club night. Heaton to organise a special Risk Management feature.    
2003 Apr 13 Timboon Cheese walk. Glenfyne to Timboon via the disused railway line.   Coralie
2003 Apr 17-23 Easter walking  trip to Kangaroo Island   Dianne F
2003 Apr 25-27 Glenelg River Walk/Canoe/camping trip. Moleside to Pritchard's Friday; to Forest Camp South Saturday; to Sapling Creek Sunday.   Linda/Irene
2003 May 2-4 Daylesford Swiss/Italian festival.   Dianne F
2003 May 8 Endeavours Restaurant at TAFE   Stephanie
2003 May 10-11 Northern Grampians - Wartook. O/N cabin(s) or camp. Day walks   Linda
2003 May 13 Club night. Plan walks for July-September. Risk Management procedures    
2003 May 17 Mahogony Walk from Levi's Car Park to Commercial Hotel in Koroit.   Linda
2003 May 23-25 Waterfall focus - to Allenvale (back of Lorne). Off/On track, overnight backpacking. M-7-7 Heaton
2003 May 31 Long day walk in Grampians   Linda
2003 Jun 1 Women's Expo, showgrounds. WW Stall displaying equipment, etc   Lothar
2003 Jun 41889 Queen's Birthday W/E: Wyperfeld National Park. Various walks of various grades.   Lothar
2003 Jun 10 Club night.    
2003 Jun 14-15 Grampians. Roses Gap and beyond O/N walk. A genuine medium walk from Roses Gap to Plantation Campground visiting Briggs Bluff along the way. M-6-6 Diane D
2003 Jun 21-22 Winter Solstice bike weekend, Dunkeld area. Luxury cabins, Fancy Dress, etc.   Coralie
2003 Jun 28 Cappuccino walk. Breakwater to Proudfoots and return.   Helen

Jul-Sep 2003 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Jul Larapinta Trail, NT. Various grades & options from O/N backpacking to day walks to escorted walks. 1-3 weeks. various Coralie & Linda
2003 Jul 6 Mystery walk!   Karen
2003 Jul 8 Walk from The Flume to Proudfoots Boat House, dinner, and return.    
2003 Aug 3 Killarney to Port Fairy and back M-3-3 Karen
2003 Aug 9-10 Base camping. Sat: Lake Bellfield to Borough Huts (Easy). Sun: Tunnel track (Medium)   Diane D
2003 Aug 12 Club night. First Aid. Photos - Ron    
2003 Aug 16 Tower Hill Wattle walk. S-3-3 Lothar
2003 Aug 17 Mt Difficult day walk. M-7-7 Dianne F
2003 Aug 17 Half Marathon - Koroit to Warrnambool along road. L-1-1 Marg
2003 Aug 23-24 Mt Dundas M-5-6 Heaton
2003 Aug 29-31 Camping Expo at the Table Tennis Stadium.   Dianne F
2003 Aug 29 Pizza night at Terry & Shirley's place.   Shirley/Terry
2003 Sep 7 Cobden to Botanical Gardens Camperdown L-3-3 Doris
2003 Sep 9 Club night. Walk planning night.    
2003 Sep 13-14 Grampians - Major Mitchell Plateau, O/N backpacking M-8-7 Marg
2003 Sep 20-21 Halls Gap, base camping. Sat: Medium walk with Linda. Sun: easy walk around Mafeking   Linda & Anne
2003 Sep 27-28 Nelson area, base camping ; Princes Margaret Rose caves; North Nelson Track S-3-3, Liz & Mike

Oct-Dec 2003 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2003 Oct 4-5 Penola Winery weekend   Linda&Irene
2003 Oct 11 Otways: Carlisle - Gellibrand area. On tracks with steep hills. L-8-2 Andrew
2003 Oct 14 Club night. Walk planning night - for 2004.    
2003 Oct 19 Mt Sturgeon M-6-6 Marg/Dianne F
2003 Oct 23-26 Wilsons Prom.   Linda
2003 Nov 1 Coralie's 50th Birthday party.   Diane D
2003 Nov 2 West Barham tall trees walk near Apollo Bay   John
2003 Nov 8 Bike ride to Childers Cove   Marg
2003 Nov 9 Port Fairy to Warrnambool walk L-2-2 Karen
2003 Nov 11 Annual General Meeting, talk by John Amor on Coast Care    
2003 Nov 15-16 Grampians O/N walks. Boroka lookout area M-7-7 Coralie
2003 Nov 16 Friends of Tower Hill are organising a walk from Castle Cove to Johanna Beach.    Karen
2003 Nov 23 Grampians day walk M-6-5 Linda
2003 Nov 25 Tuesday: Walk from Granny's Grave to Middle Island and return to see the Penguins.    
2003 Nov 30 Mt Noorat, Mt Leura and Sugarloaf   Doris
2003 Dec 6-7 XMas breakup weekend at Monibeong.   Steff
2003 Dec 6 GSWW Bridgewater Lakes to Cape Bridgewater kiosk M-6-2 Linda
2003 Dec 9 Club night at Martins Point, Port Fairy.    
2003 Dec 11 Walk from the Flume to Proudfoots Boathouse. Have dinner    Lothar
2003 Dec 27-29 GSWW. O/N back packing or base camping possible   Lothar