Activities for 2009:

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Jan-Mar 2009 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2009 Jan 14 GSWW: Bridgewater Lakes to Bridgewater Bay M-4-3 Lothar
2009 Jan 17 Mt Sturgeon &/or Mt Abrupt followed by lunch S-7-7 Linda
2009 Jan 21 Mt Sturgeon or Mt Abrupt S-7-7 Lothar
2009 Jan 24, 31 Mt Sturgeon &/or Mt Abrupt followed by lunch S-7-7 Linda
2009 Feb 4 Warrnambool to Port Fairy along the beach. X-3-3 Lothar
2009 Feb 10 Club Night. Walk planning. Afterwards: Nepal 2008 slide show.    
2009 Feb 11 Tower Hill.   Lothar
2009 Feb 15-23 Tasmania: South West Cape. Fly in/out and explore the area around Melaleuca med Linda H
2009 Feb 28 Clean up Australia. 9-11am. Meet at the Wangoom store. easy Helen
2009 Mar 1 GSWW: Portland to Blackwood Road – near Cubby Camp L-4-3 Mabel
2009 Mar 7-9 Bogong High Plains with John Van Gemert difficult Coralie
2009 Mar 10 Club Night    
2009 Mar 14 Timboon Rail Trail. easy Coralie
2009 Mar 20-22 Around Lorne weekend with the Bayside Bushwalking Club. med Lothar
2009 Mar 29 GSWW: Blackwood Road to Fish Holes Road – beyond Cut out Camp L-4-3 Mabel

Apr-Jun 2009 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2009 Apr 3-17 Entire GSWW. Rest day: Good Friday. Do all or part of the walk.... med Lothar
2009 Apr 11-12 GSWW: Nelson to Monibeong (via inland route) med Mabel
2009 Apr 14 Dinner and 10-pin bowling in lieu of Club Night    
2009 Apr 18 Beeripmo day walk L-6-6 Janice
2009 Apr 19 Lal Lal Falls and the old blast furnace, near Meredith. S-4-4 John M
2009 Apr 23-25 Peterborough to Radford Road to Childers Cove to capark near Lake Gillear. M-5-5 Lothar
2009 May 2 Grape Escape weekend   Coralie
2009 May 3 Mt Rosea hard Coralie
2009 May 10 12 Apostles area to Princetown and return.   Linda
2009 May 12 Club Night    
2009 May 17 GSWW: Fish Holes Road to Mt Deception Road near Fitzroy Camp L-4-3 Lothar
2009 May 23-24 O/N backpacking. Major Mitchell Plateau. M-8-8 Janice
2009 May 30 Mt Eccles   Helen
2009 Jun 7 Half day walk up Mt Sturgeon X/M-4-3 Mabel
2009 Jun 9 Club Night    
2009 Jun 13 Buninyong M-3-4 Coralie
2009 Jun 28-8 Northern Territory: Jatbula Trail med Linda H

Jul-Sep 2009 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2009 Jul 14 7pm Meeting followed by 7:30pm Club Night    
2009 Jul 19 GSWW: Post & Rail Camp to Pattersons L-4-3 Mabel
2009 Jul 24-26 Walks near Warrnambool plus Christmas in July dinner with Bayside Bushwalking Club. med Lothar
2009 Aug 1 Around Port Fairy easy Linda C
2009 Aug 5-9 Northern Grampians "Walking Boot camp". Base camping/cabin at Wartook. Mt Sturgeon & Mt Abrupt; Briggs Bluff; Mt Stapylton; Mt Difficult; The Fortress. Hard Lothar
2009 Aug 11 Club Night. Cherree Densley will talk about the local habitat for the Orange Bellied Parrot.    
2009 Aug 15 Grampians: Roses Gap to Golton Gorge. Cross country.   Coralie
2009 Aug 22 Tree planting on the Warrnambool-Port Fairy Rail Trail   Linda H
2009 Aug 23 GSWW:  Pattersons to Nelson L-4-3 Mabel
2009 Aug 29-30 Halls Gap area. O/N in cabin at Halls Gap   Linda H
2009 Sep 1 Endeavours Restaurant @ TAFE. 6.30pm start. 3 course, silver service, etc.   Linda H
2009 Sep 8 Club Night. "Bathing Beauties on the Jatbula Trail" presentation.    
2009 Sep 12-13 Grampians Track Maintenance weekend   Linda H
2009 Sep 20 GSWW: Swan Lake Road to Tarragal L-6-6 Mabel
2009 Sep 26-27 Pyrenees Walking Trail with the Grampians Bushwalking Club. M-7-5 GBC

Oct-Dec 2009 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2009 Oct 4 GSWW: Tarragal to the Blow Holes M-4-3 Mabel
2009 Oct 10 Seniors Week: Dunkeld - Piccaninny & Arboretum.   Linda H
2009 Oct 11 Wurdale to Bambra S-7-7 John M
2009 Oct 13 Club Night    
2009 Oct 18 Walk over Mt Langi Ghiran. easy/med Marg F
2009 Oct 24-25 Dandenong Ranges/Belgrave area and Melbourne.   Sandra D
2009 Oct 31 Dunkeld Mosaic of Arts Festival. Visit the Myer garden.   Coralie
2009 Nov 7 GSWW: Blow Holes to Trewalla M-4-3 Mabel
2009 Nov 8 GSWW: Trewalla to Cape Nelson Lighthouse M-6-6 Mabel
2009 Nov 10 Club Night. Focus: Activities planning for 2010    
2009 Nov 29 GSWW: Cape Nelson Lighthouse to Portland L-4-3 Mabel
2009 Dec 8 BBQ (replaces Club Night) Tower Hill Picnic Ground.    
2009 Dec 17-18 Great Ocean Walk: Otway Lighthouse to Johanna, O/N at Aire River or 2 day walks.   Linda H