Activities for 2012:

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Jan-Mar 2012 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2012 Jan 8 Narrawong/Surry R to Fitzroy R. $10 incl. return bus fare. M-4-4 Lothar
2012 Jan 10 BBQ X-3-4 Lothar
2012 Jan 15 Mt Abrupt (Dunkeld). Now open! meet in carpark next to KFC for 8am departure. S-6-6 Mabel M
2012 Jan 20 Port Fairy walk, dinner, film (The Hunter). S-3-3 Linda H
2012 Feb 11-12 Grampians. Day walks; Jazz Festival activities in Halls Gap. Counter Tea Sat night.   Lothar
2012 Feb 14 Club Night. Walks planning    
2012 Feb 25 Levys CP to Proudfoots BH along beach & promenade S-4-4 Dina
2012 Mar 2 Video Night   Linda H
2012 Mar 9 (Friday) Ararat area - One Tree Hill   Marg F
2012 Mar 10-11 Barney’s Castle Circuit. An off-track walk. Carry water for weekend. Some rock scrambling and some walking on formed tracks. Beautiful campsite up high. M - 6 -7 Coralie
2012 Mar 13 Club Night. Photo presentation from the Haute Route - Switzerland    
2012 Mar 17-27 Tasmania - High Country. Some off track walking Hard Fiona M & Bob D
2012 Mar 23 (Friday) Great Dividing Trail through McDonald Park   Marg F
2012 Mar 24 Gourmet walk. Twelve Apostles to Princetown then sample the ‘gourmet’ delights of the area – chocs, cheese & wine Easy Helen A
2012 Mar 30 (Friday) Ararat area - Green Hill Lake   Marg F
2012 Mar 31-1 Beeripmo walk. Mt Cole State Park. Overnight – an easy start to pack carrying and camping M – 4 - 4 Mabel M

Apr-Jun 2012 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2012 Apr 10 No meeting but a social activity instead: 6 pm dinner at the Western (ie the Last Coach)   Linda H
2012 Apr 14 Return bike ride from Koroit to Port Fairy along rail trail. BYO bikes.   Jim F
2012 Apr 22 "An alternative Great Ocean Walk" to Melanesia Beach, near Moonlight Head.  M-7-7 Graeme W
2012 Apr 25 Mt Ararat. Leave Wbool at about 8am. S-6-6 Marg F
2012 Apr 28 Camp at Trewalla on Friday 27th (if you wish). Early morning car shuffle. Day Walk: Trewalla (near Bridgewater) to Cape Nelson Lighthouse. Walk start time: 9.00am. Possibility of Lighthouse for lunch. M-6-6 Linda H
2012 May 5-6 Grape Escape at Halls Gap. Short walks during the mornings; wine tasting in the afternoons.   Helen A
2012 May 8 Club Night    
2012 May 12,13 Great Ocean Walk. This can be an overnighter or 2 day walks depending on interest   Mabel M
2012 May 20 Timboon Rail Trail - Glenfyne to Timboon   Dina
2012 May 27 Mt Clay, near Narrawong. Around 10 km, heath and bushland, medium difficulty. A circuit walk.   Graeme W
2012 Jun 3 Lake Gillear (Rifle Range) to Childers Cove   Lothar
2012 Jun 9-11 Wyperfeld NP. Queen's Birthday w/e. Go up Friday pm or Sat morning. Camping, camp fires, shared tea, overnight backpacking or short walks, or just relax.   Lothar
2012 Jun 9-11 Mt Rosea and D’Alton Peaks on the Serra range with John Van Gemert. Off track   Coralie
2012 Jun 12 Club Night    
2012 Jun 17 Around Childers Cove   Lothar
2012 Jun 23 Childers Cove to Flaxmans Hill   Lothar

Jul-Sep 2012 reports
Date Activity Grade Leader
2012 Jul 7 Grampians: Asses Ears working bee (track maintenance) Sat, Mt Stapleton Circuit on Sun. O/N in Wartook   Linda H
2012 Jul 10 Social activity (replaces Club Night): film night   Linda H
2012 Jul 15 Flaxmans Hill to the Bay of Islands   Lothar
2012 Jul 21-22 Christmas in July in Apollo Bay with the Bayside BWC. Day walks Sat and Sunday. Turkey dinner Sat night   Di P/Lothar
2012 Jul 28 Bay of Islands to Peterborough   Lothar
2012 Aug 4 Cycling. Board walk to Granny’s Grave. Coffee afterwards Cancelled   Jim
2012 Aug 10-12 Alpine trip   Bill P
2012 Aug 14 Club Night. Tai Chi/Yoga/Pilates Exercise night with Coralie.    
2012 Sep 9 Camperdown to Glenfyne along the Rail Trail   Lothar
2012 Sep 11 Club Night. Afterwards: Walking in Europe (Mike/Liz/Mabel)    
2012 Sep 15-16 Base Camp at Halls Gap. Two x daywalks   Linda
2012 Sep 22-23 Ararat base camping w/e. Also check out 2-3 wineries.   Marg F

Oct-Dec 2012 reports   
Date Activity Grade Leader
2012 Oct 6 Mt Rosea from Sanderson Gap Hard Coralie
2012 Oct 7 Mt Sturgeon & the Piccaninny Dunkeld S-6-6 Helen
2012 Oct 9 Club Night. Gear Night (Helen)    
2012 Oct 13-14 Whole Rail Trail over two days. Camp at Linda’s overnight   Linda
2012 Nov 3-4 Grampians: Briggs Bluff to Plantation Camp Ground. O/N backpacking.   Coralie
2012 Nov 10-11 Old Beechy Rail Trail: Sat - Beech Forest To Gellibrand (18km), Sun - Gellibrand to Barongarook (16km).   Lothar
2012 Nov 13 AGM at 7:30pm followed by a presentation on the Kokoda Track    
2012 Nov 17 Day walk: Gibson’s Steps to Princetown and return. BBQ beside the river.   Linda
2012 Dec 1-2 Nth Grampians: Asses Ears track maintenance + Mt Stapylton Circuit. Go up Fri night (30th); stay at Mt Stapylton CG.   Linda
2012 Dec 8-9 Club Break up at Lake Monibeong   Lothar